The Truth Behind Cuffing Season

The Truth Behind Cuffing Season

Consider this another relationship trend that should be ignored!

I honestly never knew what cuffing season was until I came to college. For those of you who were late to the game like I was, “cuffing season” refers to the time in the year when it starts getting colder outside and the people who typically rather be single or are single start to feel like they want to be in a relationship or want to have someone that they can do cute couple like things with.

This idea in it of itself makes me incredibly annoyed ay my core. Why you ask? Because nowadays it feels like we constantly have to make someone feel left out no matter what topic we are talking about. Instead of just embracing the colder weather and looking forward to the holidays, we, as a society, have decided to make those who are single feel bad about themselves.

There is already so much societal pressure in our world to be in a relationship because it seems that loving yourself and being happy with just you are simply not enough for the world. And I get it. For the longest time, relationships are tied to the idea of marriage and marriage is linked to the ability to start a family and continue the lineage of your family, etc. and those are all really important parts of life. However, I do take issue with the idea that people who may not be at that part of their life yet have to feel bad because they are just living their life?

It may sound hypocritical from someone like me because I am in a relationship, but I genuinely feel for my single girlfriends who are constantly told that they need to be a relationship to be complete or happy. Or are told that the fact that they do not have a boyfriend/girlfriend somehow makes them “behind” in life.

I completely get that “cuffing season” in it of itself is not that big of a craze. But if we really think about it, trends like this continue to perpetuate this cultural norm that the end goal of everyone in life is to have a partner and that if you don’t your life is somehow significantly less happy. Further, trends like these cause people who really aren’t ready to be in a relationship, jump into one and causes them a lot of future problems because instead of prioritizing meeting someone nice, their goal is to be in a relationship.

Overall, I hope that if you are reading this and feeling the pressure of being in a relationship or you have friends who are in this phase, you are reminded that trends like “cuffing season” are just another relationship trend that exists in our society that for all intents and purposes should be ignored. Don’t feel pressure to do things in life just because you feel like other people are doing it. Do what is best for you and what makes you the happiest because in the end that is the most important!

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To The Boy Who Made Me Love Again

Thank you for loving me and showing me how to love myself.


To the boy who made me love again:

From the very beginning of our relationship, you showed me you were different. You showed me how I should be treated.

After dating someone for three years, falling in love was the last thing I wanted to do again. I did not want to grow close to anyone and fall in love with every little aspect of someone, but with you, it was so much different. You were different from other guys I had talked to. You have done small things for me that make me so happy. From offering to order me pizzas while I'm working to ordering me a key chain that says "drive safe," it's the little things you've done to make me love you.

During my previous relationship, I had come to a custom of pulling out my card to pay for dates and thought it was okay to accept the fact that good morning text did not exist. Every morning since we started dating, you never forget to text me good morning. We almost fight over who is going to pay, because I can't expect you to pay for every date. You have shown me what to expect in a relationship.

You never fail to make me happy. Whenever I say I'm hungry, you get me Mexican. When I want to watch Netflix, you immediately put on The Office. I can mention one thing I want and you buy it because you know it will make me happy. You give me forehead kisses and it puts a smile on my face. Whenever I am upset, you won't get off the phone until you figure out what is wrong and make sure everything is okay.

You make me feel beautiful. I can come over in leggings and socks and Birkenstocks or I can come over in a nice shirt and booties, but either way, you tell me I'm beautiful. Whenever I just wake up and look a hot mess, you look me in my eyes and tell me I'm beautiful.

You always tell me to be careful whenever I'm driving and you make sure to tell me you love me every night before you go to bed. You remind me of things I know I'll forget and you literally read my mind. You motivate me with my schooling and tell me how proud you are of me when I make a good grade.

I never wanted to date again and I especially did not want to fall in love; however, you are everything I dreamed of wanting. I am so blessed to have met you and fallen in love with you. So to the boy who made me want to love again, I love you and thank you for everything.

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36 Hobbies To Take Up If You Want To Be The Next Best 20-Something Grandma

Pursuing something with needle and thread is a good start


Need a new hobby? Want to emulate a grandmother? Here are some great ideas for fun things to do in your spare time to get you ready to be the best grandma in 40-50 years!

1. Knitting

2. Baking

This hobby will also come with many friends wanting to try your creations.

3. Crocheting

4. Sudoku 

You gotta keep the mind healthy.

5. Crosswords

6. Cooking

7. Thrifting

Goodwill is your go-to for fabulous finds that won't break the bank.

8. Join a book club

Whether or not you actually read the book, either way it's a good way to socialize.

9. Yard Sale-ing

Don't tell me you didn't go yard sale-ing with your grandma at least once in your childhood.

10. Napping

11. Brunching

Food and friends (and a mimosa)... what's not to love about this hobby?

12. Spades

13. Hearts

14. Gardening

Figure out if you have a green thumb earlier rather than later.

15. Sewing

Being able to fix (or even make) your own clothes seems like both a creative outlet and a practical skill.

16. Antiquing

17. Cross-Stitching

Make some wall decorations for your room!

18. Power-walking

Why normal walk when you could speed walk?

19. Reading at 64-font on your Kindle

20. Read the newspaper

There's just something peaceful and nostalgic about reading a physical newspaper...

21. Collecting

Coins, dolls, you name it.... someone probably collects it.

22. Quilting

23. Rummy

24. Giving wise advice to those younger than you

25. Get a magazine subscription

26. Write hand-written letters to friends

It's fun and there is something so meaningful about taking the time to write it out and mail it.

27. Bridge

28. Curate a bomb matching pajama collection

29. Scrapbooking

Take your memories and add a creative touch... you won't regret it.

30. Tai Chi

I'm not a regular grandma, I'm a cool grandma...

31. Flower-arranging

32. Photography

Capture the moments of the loved ones around you!

33. Plan girls' trips with friends

34. Volunteer

Find time to give back to causes that you are passionate about!

35. Watch game shows

36. Watch soap operas

All the plot points and characters may be cringy, but they are so addicting!

Consider some of these hobbies if you find yourself looking for something to fill your time. When grandma-hood comes around, you'll be ready for it. And if you already do a lot of these things, well then we might as well go ahead and affectionately call you a 20-something grandma!

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