The Top 10 Shows For 90's Kids
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The Top 10 Shows For 90's Kids

Shows that only 90's kids will understand.

The Top 10 Shows For 90's Kids

The is an article is dedicated to the 90's kids generation. These shows have always drawn our laughter and we will always cherish them. These are the shows we grew up on so they will hold a place in our hearts forever.

1. Kim Possible

The teen icon that every kid looked up too. Anything was possible for Kim! Even now I wonder why Taco Bell doesn't have the naco.

2. Rugrats

"Rugrats" is a classic because it is a staple of every 90s kid Saturday morning cartoon line up. Who didn't wish that they had that kind of imagination at the age of two?

3. Lizzie McGuire

A show that kids could relate too and enjoy. She was a respectable teen remodel and still is today.

4. That's So Raven

Another well respected teen. Raven would always get into shenanigans in order to prevent her visions from happening.

5. Pokémon

Created from the video game and the manga, this show is one few that still continues today. It was exciting to see Ash start his adventure with Pikachu and still captures the attention of the budding trainers today.

6. Rocket Power

"Rocket Power" made its young viewers want to go shredding on the pipeline.

7. Boy Meets World

Best kid's show to learn life lessons. And who could forget Mr. Feeny?!

8. Full House

A timeless 90s show that you can apply lessons learn to modern situations. Michelle's catchphrase "You got it dude!" is still remembered by everyone today.

9. Scooby Doo

This TV series taught its viewers to face fears because sometimes they could just be a mask.

10. Recess

A strange group of friends that all come together for the best part of the school day Recess. Who knew problems and situations could be solved on the playground?

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