The Top 10 Greatest Hits Released By 'One Direction' From An Old Directioners Perspective
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The Top 10 Greatest Hits Released By 'One Direction' From An Old Directioners Perspective

Since they just never get old.

The Top 10 Greatest Hits Released By 'One Direction' From An Old Directioners Perspective

It's been years since 'One Direction' released a new album or song. Just like many teen girls, I had a pretty insane obsession with them. It's been a good while since I actually listened to the songs that I grew up jamming to, and after listening to all five albums, I've narrowed down their songs to the best ones. I know, there's a lot to choose from. The ones that you hear on the radio aren't always the ones that hit home for me.

1. "Stockholm Syndrome."

Let's be honest, this song never gets old. The strange tale of falling in love with your captor is one of the most common secret fantasies and the boys tell it well.

2. "Strong."

This one has always made me dream about the day a man would talk about me like that. The lyrics are beautiful and the beat is uplifting.

3. "Rock Me."

It's crazy to think I was listening to this song at the age of fourteen, but wow. It just never gets old.

4. "Little White Lies."

Only the true Directioners know how hard this hits. Definitely recommend having a listen.

5. "Half a Heart."

This deep cut was only in the deluxe edition, but it should've been heard much more. It's the type of song that will make you tear up. (Just a little.)

6. "Change Your Ticket."

Another song that not many people know about, but the positive vibes just emanate from this one. Perfect song to blast in your car.

7. "Change My Mind." 

Another story about the struggle of being stuck in the friend zone, this one will tug your heartstrings.

8. "Love You Goodbye."

This song from their last album explains perfectly how you feel when you get broken up with. In a good way, of course. The lyrics are touching.

9. "Stole My Heart."

A hit not many have heard from their first album. I was obsessed with this song. The reason? I have no idea, it's just good.

10. "Tell Me A Lie."

Another really good one from their first album. Just, trust me. This one never got the hype it deserved.

I'm sure some of the other Directioners out there will argue with me, but these are the songs that I'll never get tired of. Obviously, there's not many songs I don't like by them but these ones really cause me to sing along. If you've never heard them, you're missing out. And you should listen. Immediately.

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