The 15 Things You Share As Roommates

Whether you live with one other person, five other people, or a group of 15, as a college students you know what it is like to share just about everything with your roommates. From clothes, to food, to life, your roommates are the ones who have all the cute rompers, late night gooey-fudge cookies, and advice to get you through each week. Yes, there are those never-ending battles about who lost your favorite little black dress, and you can't forget about who took the last piece of cheese, but overall, you learn that living with these other people truly teaches you how to care and share…

  1. Fruit…. honestly its probably a good things since it goes bad so quickly to begin with.
  2. Clothes…from dresses, to work out pants, to underwear (yes, its happened) closets are open to anyone you live with.
  3. Jewelry…those big gold hoops are meant to be shared with the world.
  4. Products…. hair spray, shampoo, deodorant, you name it. Somewhere along the line you and your roommates will have all used the same product, maybe even in the same night.
  5. Perfume…we all need to smell good, don’t we?
  6. Secrets…roommates are so much more than roommates, they’re best friends and second family. If they didn’t know all your deep and dirty life secrets, living with them would never be as fun.
  7. Pizza…. that one roommates to treat to late night pizza is a GOD.
  8. Advice…without the help from friends, how would we know about the stupid boy that’s a shady player, or the lucky numbers to pick for that weeks lottery poll.
  9. Boyfriends…not physically, but mentally, as roommates, we're all comfortable enough to cuddle up with someone’s man and it be completely accepted.
  10. Snacks…Cheese-itz, pretzels, Doritos, Oreos, the list goes on forever. Everyone in the house has different tastes and that’s the best part about it.
  11. Chores…the house has to stay clean somehow, and when everyone does their part it makes life so much easier.
  12. Homework…. getting good grades is the most important thing in college, and having your roommates help you with it can overall help your GPA by a landslide.
  13. Families…getting so unbelievably close with the people you live with is inevitable. Their family becomes yours and vice versa.
  14. Anything regarding hair…losing hair-ties is a normalcy when you are constantly sharing them with six other people.
15. Alcohol…what is the point of having fun if it cant be with your best friends.
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