Let's be honest for a second: college teaches us some irrelevant things. While classes related to your major are important and necessary for your education, some classes just aren't. And while we take classes that are unnecessary to our life, we never seem to take classes that are absolutely essential to our life after college.

So here are 17 things that should be taught at college instead of organic chemistry that will actually help students after graduation.

1. How To Do Our Taxes

I am clueless when it comes to finances, and I'm clueless when it comes to taxes. There are too many forms and too many documents that I need to submit or the IRS will come after me. Can we please teach this? I'm actually begging.

2. How To Form A Budget

All of my budgeting knowledge has been discovered through the Internet, and it's relatively limited. I consider making a budget and living on it a very necessary thing, but I guess college doesn't.

3. How To Change The Oil On A Car

This is just something that everyone should know in case of emergencies. I don't know how to do it, but I wish I did.

4. How To Meal Prep

This goes right along with budget and I have learned everything I know through the University of YouTube. I still think that colleges should at least offer a seminar in this.

5. How To Explain To Your Family That You Don't Know What You're Doing

It's okay to not know what you're doing. But it would be helpful if college told us the best way to tell our parents this.

6. How To Ask That Cute Guy Out

I may know how to analyze a work of poetry, but explaining my feelings is a whole different story.

7. How To Set Up A LinkedIn

I never realized how important a LinkedIn was until I started looking for internships.

8. How To Stand Up For Yourself

I see people getting walked on all of the time, and I think college needs to teach them how to help themselves..

9. How To Defend Yourself

I know that some colleges offer optional classes on this topic, but these classes should be mandatory. For everyone.

10. How To Invest In The Stock Market

If it's there, we should know how to use it.

11. How To Get Out Of A Sticky Situation

Whether it's with that guy from econ or with someone you know from home, college should teach you how to deal with and get out of a sticky situation.

12. How To Apply For Your Dream Internship

I don't know how to do it on my own, so can someone please help me?

13. How The Government Works

In terms of political parties and government policies, I have absolutely no idea what's going on. But I can read you a children's book in French, and that's kinda the same thing, right?

14. How To Fix A Clogged Drain

Sure, a simple Google can help you with this, but some people won't even Google it.

15. How To Say No, And Mean It

No means no, no matter what.

16. How Insurance Works

Once again, in terms of policies and why I need it, I'm stumbling in the dark.

17. How To Do Basic CPR 

Once again, this is an optional class that should be required.

College teaches a lot of great things, but they could also teach just a few more. Honestly, an all-purpose class where we learn all of these things wouldn't hurt. Plus, it could count for credit hours toward a major (wink, wink).