Let’s be honest being that easy going friend in your squad is not exactly a walk in a park. Believe it or not being the “chill” or “kind” one has its battles. Even the chilliest person has their limits. Whether it’s always getting pushed down or getting drag into unnecessary drama you avoided in the first place. These are the struggles all us chill people face.

1. Always being pointed out as being the “nice one”.

People treat you like you have some kind of invisible tattoo in your forehead head that says the “nice one”. As much as we keep our cool in every situation we get angry too.

2. Getting dragged into drama that you have no absolute idea about.

You avoid drama from all sides of squad but you get dragged into the fiery pits of drama. It could have nothing to do with you but because you are one that everyone goes to for advice. You get into the drama some how.

3. You have no say.

Your opinion becomes the last one that people listen to and care about. You could really want to get out pizza but if some one else wants hamburgers you will comprise and eat hamburgers.

4. Being chill does not mean you’re a push over.

Avoiding conflict does not mean that you give people permission to step all over you. Just because you have a hard time showing your emotions does not mean you are made of stone.

5. You are the first one out the door.

Being first is not always great in some situations. Especially when you are the first one from your group of friends to get ready. You are usually the one having to wait for everyone. Which is a good 30 minutes.

6. Everyone assumes that you just don’t care.

Sometimes we want it our way, too. Please.