We all know Spring term is on the verge to end when we get the email notification to sign up for Summer and Fall classes. In my opinion, dealing with which professors to pick is the challenging part. I personally rely on RateMyProfessors.com. Rate my professor is basically the "burn book" for all professors in universities across the world. Students have the opportunity to evaluate anonymously on teachers. I have done evaluations on the website, especially professors who deserve recognition on how they teach and etc.The website can either be a life saver or your most inaccurate source of professor information. So far, I've had the luck to pick great non-psycho professors for the past two years, however, sometimes (most of the time) students don't know what a review is or how to write a proper review. Eventually, you will face those types of reviews and will be stuck in limbo on which professor to pick. At the end of the day, you hope for the best and that you don't end up with a wacko.The struggle is real when dealing with rate my professor, so here are some annoying post I find on the website that you should avoid, and what you should write if you decide to evaluate a professor:

1. Improper use of grammar.

I'm not a grammar Nazi. However, I expect most college students to have decent grammar and not write like an elementary student. Worse case I've encountered on the website is when ThEy rite lyk dis... Maybe that's the reason why you failed English.

2. The occasional angry rant.

I promise you will find at least one angry rant post on the website because the student failed the class. I'm sorry you failed the class, but honestly, the reason why you failed was just because you didn't meet deadlines. Don't bash on the professor just because you didn't follow the syllabus or he/she didn't like your project.

3. When the professor you're searching for doesn't exist on the site or has no reviews.

This has to be the most annoying situation when you're trying to find some information on a specific professor, sometimes you have no choice and have to wing it. Hope for the best.

4. The "You have to study for test / "We have to take exams" post.

Um, Duh? Since when do you not have to study for a test or have a test? It's the only method to demonstrate if we learned the material or not. I'm not pro professors in this article, however, students just don't think before they post. It's frustrating.

5. Just not enough information.

Thanks for letting us know "He/She is an awesome professor", but can't you elaborate a little bit more? Does the professor follow his/her syllabus? Do we need the book? How many tests in total / group projects? Is he/she nice or crazy? Does he know how to teach? I have endless questions. However, I'm just asking for the basics.

Nevertheless, I want to personally thank those who do take their time and write on the website with a decent review; helping others decide which professor suits them best. Thanks for giving us a bit of hope and tranquility when choosing a professor.