The Stress Of Registering For Classes As Told by Cute Stressed Out Puppies

The Stress Of Registering For Classes As Told by Cute Stressed Out Puppies

Puppies are cute even when stressed about registering for classes.


It's that time of year again. It's the time of year that every college kid hates. You might think it is finals time and yes that is true for some but it is also time to register for next semester. While some have it smooth sailing when registering, others, like me, are not as fortunate when it comes to registering for classes. I have registered for most of my classes and the only reason I say most is because I was not able to get into two of my classes for next semester. Now I am going to share the stress of registering for classes with pictures of puppies.

1. Making Sure You Have All of Your Required Classes

This puppy's brain hurts just like mine did after trying to figure out what required classes I still have to take.

2. Fighting for the Last Spot in a Class

This is the same look I gave my computer as I watched the classes I needed and wanted fill up!

3. Actually Finding Time to Meet With Your Mentor

This is how I feel every time I open my planner and try to find time to meet with my adviser.

4. Making Sure You Pass the Current Semester

I feel this so much. I know I'm going to pass the semester but just dealing with registration while also working and doing school work has me a tad stressed.

5. Surviving Registration While Also Handling Finals

This new doggy mom is me when I realize I still have finals to get through even though I only registered for classes and I felt like I was studying for finals.

6. Surviving Registration While Also Handling Life

7. Checking Every day To See if a Spot Opened In The Class You Need

This puppy creeping between the pumpkins is me every five minutes checking my.butler if any of the classes I need are open.

8. Missing Your Registration Time

This is the "It's Fine" face you give when it really isn't fine. More college students have given this face to their friends and professors while registering for classes than during finals.

9. Your Adviser Forgets to Show Up For Your Advising Appointment

How you feel when you realize your adviser forgot about you and you already had to move five meetings to be able to meet with your adviser and now you are going to have to move five more!

10. The One Section Left of a Class Does Not Fit Into Your Schedule But The University Still Expects You to Take The Section

This is the face I give the advisers and professors when they tell me to figure something out. I'm sorry that I want to graduate on time!

11. Actually Being Registered For Classes and Realizing Your Not Done With School Yet

How most college kids probably feel right now. We are just ready for this to be over!

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