The Stone Of Gnash- Chapter Four
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The Stone Of Gnash- Chapter Four

With a past of darkness, Serie's in reviled.

The Stone Of Gnash- Chapter Four
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“Al-alright…” Sieri says, her tears stopping, but her voice wavering. “When I was born, I was placed into a small town called Plebis. The people there seem kind, but once you get to know them, you can see the monsters within them.. They would often kidnap humans just to 'play with them’ and then kill them.” She sighs, looking at the ground.

“But killing humans without reason is illegal? How could Mr.Senex not know?”

“He did know. But the people in the town made it seem like the they were intruders. That is reason enough.” Sieri's eyes started to water again. “Th-they made me use my ignus magic to.. to..” Tears start streaming down her face again. “They made me kill the humans. Just like how the humans killed the Magic Born in Salem.” I look at Sieri, my eyes starting to water too. “I had told my caretakers that I couldn’t take it anymore. They had been emotionally abusive before that point, but they had never physically hurt me before. They were so enraged… one of my moms hit me. They continued this, forcing me to kill them. And so I killed, and I killed, and I killed. And they beat and they beat and they beat. I told my boyfriend, but he did the same…” She takes a deep breath. “Howard- I mean Mr.Senex, saw what was happening to me. He couldn't stand it,, so he took me here. Gave me to new people. He told them what happened, and somehow, they understood. One year later, here I am.”

I just stare. My face stained with tears.

“Sieri… I… I am so sorry that happened to you. I.. you are safe now. I’m here with you, and I will protect you, no matter what.” Little do I know, how hard of a promise that will be to keep.

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