One would think that finding a place to park at a small college campus where many students don't bring their cars to school would be relatively easy. However, this semester there are way too many cars and way too few places to park them. But don't worry, if you can't find somewhere to park you can at least find plenty of seating outside of Duffy.

1. You wake up in the morning and are inundated with emails about where you can't park your car.

2. You and your friends want to go to Target but no one wants to move their car and lose their spot.

3. You volunteer as the one to drive and hope that there's a spot in Boland when you come back.

4. You walk to your car and see other cars racing to get your spot.

5. You immediately regret giving up your spot.

6. As you drive away you wonder why freshmen are even allowed to have cars.

7. You come back and circle around and around... and around the Boland lot until you give up hope and drive to lot 17.

8. You're then reminded of the fact that for some reason, we've started a solar panel project and blocked off random spots all over the parking lot.

9. After driving around all the gates and equipment, you're left with two options...get creative and make your own spot or park all the way in the Sem fields.

10. You drive to the Sem and park your car and make the long trek back to your dorm.

11. The next morning you find a ticket on your windshield...for parking...where they told us to park...

12. You furiously drive to move your car and get a spot in Boland and swear you're never moving your car again.