To all of us who bring our car to college, we can all agree: Parking Services is the bane of our existence. In case you don't have a car here, let me tell you that everyone hates parking services. The people who work in parking services are evil and prey on broke college kids every single day.  As much as we despise this system, they still run the parking game on this campus. As a result, the very worst of our fellow colleagues comes out when it comes to finding a place to put our car. Therefore, let the 2014 Parking Hunger Games commence!

It's time to park your car. You start the engine and head towards the lots.

You begin to drive through the lot and find that guy who has taken two spots for his mustang.

Honestly parking services, tow that guy and make him pay.

You leave the first full lot with no luck and drive on to the next one.

You see an open spot GLORY BE!

Then, you see a car pull up and you're face to face. Spot dead in the middle. Your friend looks at you like ...

You start to race to the spot and you think to yourself ... 

You start to press the gas and think you might be able to beat them but they slide into those white lines right past you.

You watch them get out of the car and stare at them because you both know that should've been your spot because you were there first.

After shooting your most judgmental look, you proceed to the extension lot, feeling defeated.

You locate a spot in the far corner and accept that you will be walking (and sobbing) 4 miles to get to campus.

In general, trying to find a parking spot turns your fellow classmates into something like this: 

So here's to those of us that constantly struggle with our classmates for a spot like the tributes did and battle against parking services like Panem fought the capital. Rebellion is in the air, but until then my fellow colleges: