The 6 Stages of Online Binge Shopping

The 6 Stages of Online Binge Shopping

Every girl does it, we just don't all admit it.

Ever log on to your computer just to mindlessly add items that you don't need to your cart? We all do it. And it's okay.

1. Got an email from Kate Spade? I'll just open it and take a look...

2. 70% off all merchandise?! This must be a joke.

3. Gift with purchase if I spend 50 more dollars that I don't actually have? Deal.

4. Let me just check my bank app for the 3rd time to be sure I actually have enough money.

4. Ok. I have 4 items in my cart. My total is $80. So I can spend $20 more and make it an even $100, right?

5. $5 for shipping? *Cancels order.*

6. Exit all your tabs and go get ready for work.

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6 Ways To Grab Amazing Online Deals All Year Long

Everyone gets excited when they find out about a sale.

You’ve probably seen a lot of online sales over the last few months. It makes you wonder if you should wait until the end of the year to buy everything. Here are a few quality ways you can pick up deals at any time of the year.

1. Search For Your Favorite Coupon Sites

There are usually coupons available for most products you want to buy. Search through a big website like before going through with a purchase. Don’t worry if you can’t find anything.

You can still spend a while looking around on Google. If you’re thinking about spending a lot of money any discount will be worth it. Don’t waste too much time trying to find deals for cheap products.

2. You Should Follow Brands On Social Media

In the past, if a company wanted to get in front of you they would buy ads. One day social media came along and it changed everything. It’s slowly getting worse for businesses, but they still absolutely love it.

They can publish a Facebook post and make thousands of dollars in minutes. A big reason why this works is that they offer discount codes. You’ll never see them if you don’t follow your favorite brands on social media.

3. Trust Companies With Your Email Address

Something strange happened a few years after everyone got used to email. In the beginning, they would open every one they received. After a while, people began to realize companies only wanted to sell them stuff.

Thankfully, there are still some good lists out there. People build businesses around finding you the best deals every day. Once they’ve found something special they’ll send you the details in an email.

4. Trying On Products In Offline Stores

You can’t blame anyone who wants to try before they buy, especially when it involves clothes. There is no way you’ll be able to guarantee something will fit correctly unless you try it on in a changing room.

If it’s okay, there are apps that will let you check if the same product is available online. Order through a website if it will save you lots of money. You’ll usually only have to wait a few days for delivery.

5. Browse On Shopping Comparison Websites

You’d be surprised how easy it is to scrape data from the internet thanks to wonderful software. It means you don’t need to check prices on individual websites. You can find out all the prices at the same time.

First of all, you’ll need to look for a good price comparison website. Enter the exact product you’re looking to buy. It will scan the internet and come back with the cheapest prices in under a few minutes.

6. Use Cart Abandonment Emails Effectively

When you put a product into your shopping cart it’s like a fish-eating bait. Companies will think you’re hooked and they’ll just need to reel you in. Walk away from your computer without buying anything.

After a certain number of days, they’ll start to worry. You’ll get a few emails asking you to come back. One of them will contain a discount code you can use to save money, so it’s well worth the wait.

Save big at any point during the year.

Everyone gets excited when they find out about a sale. Now you won’t care because you’ll be able to grab super deals all year long. Just don’t let these great tips turn you into an online shopaholic.

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Is The Marketplace Sketchy Or Useful?

There are a lot of mixed feelings about Facebook's Marketplace. Is it useful? Or is it a cousin of Craiglist? Let's find out!

The idea of buying used items through a third party medium such as Facebook's Marketplace, Let Go, or Craiglist raises red flags for some people. With many news articles about the worries and woes of others engaged in an exchange made over third parties, it's understandable as to why we would be skeptical as whether to trust these sites or not.

Not to mention the constant scamming that takes place over these parties. There are definitely a handful (or a few handfuls) or markets and sites that advertise dirt cheap prices for a 'high-end' product. In my opinion, these are the sites to be weary of.

When it comes to the question of using Facebook Marketplace or not, I think there are a lot of things to consider before ruling it out of the question. For example, what are you selling? Will this be of value to anyone and will it benefit you? Do you have somewhere to meet that is safe and around people? Overall, are you in control of the situation and the outcome?

Most of the answer to these questions are yes. I have made many transactions on Facebook Marketplace both as a buyer and seller. Let me tell you, I have made some incredible deals.

For example, as a buyer I purchased a Keurig for $25. Let me repeat - TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. That's incredible. As a seller, I've sold old phones for up to $250-$300 because they have such a high market value.

Aside from saving and earning money from things you may or may not need, it's overall a great place to find face value of products you're interested in. For example, Facebook has recently modified and added new features to the Marketplace including shops and the ability to view apartments.

The key to being successful on Facebook Marketplace is to be conscious and smart. Take these tips and tricks into consideration:

- Know what you're selling/buying

- Ask the seller questions about the product listed

- Negotiate the price if you think you can

- Confirm a meeting time and place that works for both of you and leaves you plenty of wiggle room in case of tardiness

- ALWAYS meet in daylight in a public place or somewhere you know you will have people around you

- If you are buying an electronic product, test it and make sure it works

- As a seller, amp up your product by including freebies like cases, cords, whatever you can think of.

- Be smart and use common sense; if something seem phishy it probably is. Most things in the Marketplace that seem to be too good to be true, are.

Overall, I think if you are smart about yourself shopping on the Facebook Marketplace is not that scary or sketchy. It's actual quite useful. I've bought and sold a handful of items and haven't encountered any issues (other than the usual flakey customer).

For the holiday season and any other time, I truly believe that this could save you a lot of money and create less material waste in our universe.

Cover Image Credit: Viktor Hanacek

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