The 6 Stages of Online Binge Shopping

The 6 Stages of Online Binge Shopping

Every girl does it, we just don't all admit it.

Ever log on to your computer just to mindlessly add items that you don't need to your cart? We all do it. And it's okay.

1. Got an email from Kate Spade? I'll just open it and take a look...

2. 70% off all merchandise?! This must be a joke.

3. Gift with purchase if I spend 50 more dollars that I don't actually have? Deal.

4. Let me just check my bank app for the 3rd time to be sure I actually have enough money.

4. Ok. I have 4 items in my cart. My total is $80. So I can spend $20 more and make it an even $100, right?

5. $5 for shipping? *Cancels order.*

6. Exit all your tabs and go get ready for work.

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8 Companies With Outfit Ideas For Every Kind Of Girl For Formal Season 2018

These body inclusive outfits are sure to make you the "Belle of the Ball."

Formal season is right around the corner, which means its time to buy the perfect outfit.

Whether you're dancing it up with the girls, or you have a date with a special someone, these formal outfits are ideal for any style, body type, and price range.

Here are some trendy looks from the most affordable online stores that will make any formal, a night to remember.

1. Boohoo

Boohoo is a size inclusive online store based in the UK. They have size options from 0-24, and sections for all body types ranging from petite, tall, and plus size. This affordable online shop offers student discounts and always has a sale going on. This elegant, floor length dress can be dressed up with any pair of earring and shoes! Buy it here for $29.40

2. LuLus

LuLus is a popular online store that can cater to anyone with a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. This burgundy velvet mid-length dress is right for anyone who loves to have fun and be comfortable all at the same time! Buy it here for $21

3. Lucy in the Sky

I found this website while browsing facebook, and fell in LOVE. The dresses are pretty affordable for formal dresses (most under $50), and get this: FREE SHIPPING! This pink sequin two-piece dress is ideal for anyone who likes to stand out in a crowd. Buy this head turner here for $46.67


Venus has everything from dresses, rompers, jumpers, shoes and more. Not into dresses? No problem! This classy jumpsuit is perfect for anyone who likes to dance like there's no tomorrow. Buy it here for $49.

5. Tiger Mist

This Australian based boutique is SO cute! Their entire website is just a trendy Instagram account. With prices ranging from $5-$100, you'll find something you love. They have everything from dresses to swimwear, and they offer 15% off your next purchase if you buy today. This silky emerald dress is a dream and is perfect for the minimalist formal goer. Buy it here for $54.95.

6. Windsor

In need of a last minute outfit for a special event? Head into a Windsor! Most shopping malls have them, but luckily they have an easy-to-navigate website as well. Windsor is another size inclusive store with sizing ranging from XS-3X. This royal blue beauty is elegant and sophisticated, and could be reused for a Gala or a wedding! Buy it here for $38.87.


The cool thing about Tobi, if you sign up for their rewards you get 50% off your next purchase. WOAH! They are always having a sale and with hundreds of options. Tobi has something for everyone. We all need a little black dress in our closets, and this asymmetrical bodycon is an ideal formal look! You can never go wrong with black. Buy it here for $28.

8. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is no stranger to you I'm sure, but did you know that they too range in size from XS-3X? This metallic keyhole bodycon is so flattering, and will liven up any party! Buy it here for $14.99.

I promise that you will find the dress for you at any one of these sights! Check them out, but its okay to still tear apart all your friend's closets. Wherever you find your dress, make sure you have an amazing formal season.

Cover Image Credit: Max Pixel

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25 Super Weird Things That Only Amazon Would Sell To You, Loyal Customer

I triple-dog dare you to buy this.

Amazon... what a wonderful website that provides two-day shipping and easy access to dumb things. You can get an abundant amount of stuff that you don't need or get that facemask for super cheap!

1. Unicorn Meat

Pop that can open, and take a wild ride with the mythical animal meat.

2. Yodeling Pickle

Have you ever wanted to yodel with a pickle? Now's your chance!!

3. Shredded U.S. Money Confetti

One word: Why?

4. Bacon Scented Mustache

If you love bacon and want a mustache... I have selected this one specifically for you!

5. Wildly Noisy Wooden Thing

Just imagine people walking around with this being a nuisance every second of the day. Also, why?

6. Potoo Puppet

I have no idea what to say about this.

7. Handi Snack, Mr. Salty Pretzel, and Cheese

Childhood, dude. Childhood.

8. Fish Pencil Case

OH, NOOOO! This isn't weird at all!!

9. Cat Butts: A Coloring Book

Who thought of this???

10. Instant Underpants

Great for on the go! If you have a little accident ;) it's right there!

11. Nose Shaped Eye Glasses Holder

Imagine waking up with this staring at you...

12. Pickle Lip Balm

Just, gross.

13. Butt Money Bank

I have no words.

14. Flying Screaming Monkey Slingshot

Do the people you live with ever get annoying? Here's your solution!

15. Toilet Mug

Drinking from a toilet. Absolutely lovely.

16. A Weird Cat Figurine

This is worse than your grandma's creepy figurines.

17. Potty Golf

Honestly, why?

18. Ass Farts Cotton Candy

Amazon is a weird place.

19. Disco Plastic Egg Mold

This is confusing. I don't know what to do with this.

20. Grass Flip Flops

If you ever miss summer in the middle of winter put these on and everything will be okay.

21. Gift Of Nothing

I triple-dog dare you to give this to someone as a gift.

22. Creamed Possum

I'm going to be sick.

23. Mustard

Yep, mustard.

24. Earwax Candle Kit

I don't want to know what putrude smell this releases.

25. Asia Old Man Wall Mural

This is real. This is something you can buy on the wonderful website that is Amazon.

Well, I hope you enjoyed scrolling through a list of dumb products on Amazon! Now go waste your money!!

Cover Image Credit: Amazon Instagram

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