10 Stages College Girls Go Through While Getting Ready To Go Out

After a hard week of work, the weekend is finally here and you and your friends are ready to party it up.

Unfortunately, it is never quite this simple. There is a long and hard process in getting yourself ready to go out.

Even though by the end of the night; your makeup has melted off and your hair is the opposite of what you styled it to be.

Stage 1: Lying in bed and waiting till the last minute possible to get up to get ready.

Stage 2: Texting your friends that you’ve made the executive decision to stay in tonight because you are too lazy to get out of bed.

Stage 3: Your friends text back and tell you "you are going out." You agree with little convincing needed. “yeah you right.”

Stage 4: Doing your hair and makeup. This will take 2 hours alone because your Beyoncé playlist has you twerking more than contouring.

Stage 5: Staring at your closet for 20 minutes deciding what to wear.

Stage 6: Texting your friends to see what they’re wearing so you can coordinate how extra you are going to be that night.

Stage 7: Trying on 10 different outfits and hating all of them.

Stage 8: Once you have found the golden outfit, you text your friends a picture just to get some reassurance.

Stage 9: Making sure you have all your belongings together, which generally means turning your room upside down because you’re missing a right shoe and you can’t find your wallet anywhere.

Stage 10: And finally taking multiple selfies and posting an excessive number of snap stories so the whole world knows that you are going out. You will regret this in the morning.

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