The Spring Break Hangover
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The Spring Break Hangover

The terrible realization of real life.

The Spring Break Hangover

You walk back into your house/apartment/dorm. You drag yourself into your room and then you pile your bags in the corner and then you fall into your bed and you just let out a long groan that sounds like a dying whale.

You start to experience the Spring Break hangover.

No, not because you were out all week, drinking and partying. You get that tired feeling when you realize that it's time to back to responsibilities. Everything you have to do all of a sudden hits you right across the face like a scorned lover. Suddenly your shoulders feel a little heavy and then you look into the abyss of responsibilities that you've been avoiding all week. You spent the last week throwing away your money, sleeping all day, eating food that isn't instant ramen or microwaved and laughing about how free and light you feel. You're like, "Haha what are responsibilities? The only thing I'm responsible for is drinking another margarita without puking. Who wants to order another plate of fries?" I mean that's how everyone spends their Spring Breaks, right?

I mean regardless of how or where you spent Spring Break, you know it was a well-needed break. After being stressed about midterms and just general life things, you got a week to just relax, at least from school. It was a beautiful time. It was the greatest fling with freedom you had this semester and now life hits you, reverses, hits you again, gets out of the car and beats you like a pinata. Isn't life fun?

You have the rest of the semester to look forward to. You suddenly remember all the papers and projects you have to do. You start to get mad at yourself, "Why didn't I do this when I had this entire week off? Ugh, I should've been smarter about my choices. I feel instant regret."

Well, stop feeling bad for yourself. You deserved that break. You deserved to not do any work. You deserved to spend the week forgetting about life for a little bit. You won't ever get this break again when you enter the real world (I know, adulthood sounds fun, right?) You take this moment of freedom and don't you look back. Don't regret the fun you had. Don't even think about the calories of all the food you ate. You're fine. Life isn't about dwelling on what you could've done. That sounds boring and terrible. The week after spring break is going to be hard, I ain't gonna lie to you. I don't believe in that. I'm gonna be honest with you. It's gonna suck. You're gonna wish you were back on that beach, mountain, boat, resort, secluded cabin in the woods, bed, a hole in the depth of the earth's core, I dunno wherever you were. You're gonna have moments when you're like, "Is school even worth it? Do I really need this degree? Do I really have to shower now?" Yes, yes you do. Especially the shower part. Please shower regularly. For the love of God, please.

But it's gonna get better. You're gonna get back in the swing of things and it's gonna be Gucci. Do kids still use that phrase? I dunno. Don't stress yourself out too much about all the things you have to do. Take it one step at a time. It's all gonna get done. It's gonna take some time but it's gonna happen. Your future self is like, "Yo, we chill over here." So just don't give up because you got that sweet, sweet taste of freedom that spring break gave you. Keep pushing. If that doesn't work, here is a picture of some baby animals.

Look at their innocent faces.

Look at it!

Ugh, they are so pure and little.

So much cute. So much adorable. Look at them all!

Ahhh my emotions.

So much emotion. Wowowowow.

Well anyways, just know that you'll be fine. Remember to breathe and take it slow. Just don't overwhelm yourself. Life will do that for you so just kind of chill. You got this. You got this.

In the legendary words of Woody,

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