Remove Yourself From The Social Stigma

Remove Yourself From The Social Stigma

Be above and beyond what your highest standard is for yourself.

Every person has the right to the pursuit of their own happiness. But just because you have the right does that mean you should always indulge? Young Black men walking around with their pants below their waist. Young black women fulfilling stereotypes but then we get mad when a social disposition is imprinted on our every day lives. I'm not saying it's right but I am saying you're wrong. Why do you not care about your appearance enough to go against the Stigma? Our own people look at your clothes and see gang affiliation and fear strikes their hearts. You've been gifted with the knowledge of origin, have the power of knowledge at your fingertips, but you still choose ignorance.

We are disgraced, stepped on, and belittled as a people by our own people and then wonder why others feel so comfortable doing so as well. Walk into a store, underwear showing, tattoos lining your face fading into the hemline of your t-shirt. I'm not portraying a stereotype but an actual scene, an image you can see going down the street. If you do not want to be held as a thug give them a reason not to. At that point if you still feel discrimination there is no question. Stop giving the oppressor facts to hide behind. Make them announce their true intentions. You and I both know the truth but I know you aren't helping the situation.

Be above and beyond what your highest standard is for yourself. Pause, think about what I just said: be above and beyond your highest standard for yourself. Do not lower yourself to an understanding but enlighten your mind to the overstanding of facts versus fiction. The systematic oppression starts with the generations of mental illness that pollutes our community and lays claim to our young. Stop telling our men it's a crime to feel. We are emotional beings, beings that feel and understand what it is to do so. Strength is not the absence of fear; strength is not the absence of emotion; strength is having all of the burden this life does deal us and carrying them without falter, using them to fuel yourself and make you better.

So let me reiterate my point with hopes that you dear reader understand my words. Before you can ask for help, look in the mirror and help yourself. Determine the man or women that you want to be and dress to be that, live to be that, grow into that, and succeed as God's among God's we create on the daily. So let's stop creating our downfall and give birth to a new type of success.

Look in the mirror, what do I see? A young man with ambitions to spare. The mind of a creator and the heart of a God. I see the depth in my eyes and the pride in my mind. I see the lessons I've learned and the lessons to come. I see the sacrifices within myself and the sacrifices within others made for me to reach this point. I see that a blessing is a gift that others had to work for. I see the physical essence of my being radiating through my skin. I see the 50 shades of beauty that colors the lining of my being. The kinky curl to my hair and the history it signifies.

I look at my fellow man and what do I see? I see hope. I see thousands of people, millions of beings billions of God's and infinite possibility. I see the capabilities of what we as a human race can overcome. And I see the mistakes we have made. But I do not hold this against my brothers and sisters rather it makes me feel closer to you all. For our mistakes are what ensures our growth and gives us a joined peace of mind.

LOVE AND BE LOVED OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND OPEN YOUR MINDS. EMBRACE YOUR TRUTH AND BE BEYOND OUR LIMITATIONS. GROWTH IS A TIME THING NOT INSTANTANEOUS. DON'T EXPECT IT OVERNIGHT. I love all of the world genuinely including my enemies, because I understand their heart as much as I understand my own. Be more not less. ASHAY.

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