You will meet hundreds, if not more, people in college and sometimes they're extremely predictable. As a Leo I know I am so distinguished by my attitude you can see me from a mile away, a lot of others are too.

1. Aries: The clingy one.

This is the person who is friends with you the second you meet and you will never escape them. It's OK though, they'll always be down to hang out and will care about you. However, they can turn sour fast so don't be surprised when they get drunk and mad at a frat party.

2. Taurus: The emotional one.

They always have a feeling about something, that may irritate you when you forget to invite them out or don't want them in your group project. You've definitely once made a joke in class and then had them subtweet you for days after.

3. Gemini: The two-faced one.

You thought you were friends but oh, were you wrong. They told the entire sorority every one of your secrets while smiling in your face. They seem sweet on the outside but will tear you down at any formal.

4. Cancer: The different one.

You'll see them out on hammocks in the courtyard or riding their razor scooter to class. They're super friendly and always make you live on the edge of your comfort zone.

5. Leo: The loud one.

They're always at every party and speak out in every lecture you have. You see them all around campus yelling on the phone or laughing way too loud but you can't help but gravitate towards them. Sometimes you will wonder how they keep up with everything but the second you ask them they will break down, so tread lightly.

6. Virgo: The independent one.

They will do your entire group project and teach you how to live your life fully. You like them but sometimes you fear their independence too much. They do whatever they want.

7. Libra: The loving one.

This is the person you meet on Tinder and end up just becoming friends because they're so caring. You just want to help them through everything in life because they're just so loveable.

8. Scorpio: The conceited one.

This is the person at the party surrounded by everyone while telling a story. They always think they're right so don't even try to argue against them in lectures.

9. Sagittarius: The relatable one.

You hear their sarcasm towards teachers and wish you thought of it. They are super sociable and always know how to make you laugh, you just hope you're not on the wrong side of the joke.

10. Capricorn: The parental one.

They always give you the best advice and seem to have everything together. They're super loyal and great friends. They have been in the same major and known what they want to do from day one and can be intimidating.

11. Aquarius: The joking one.

They will always be making you laugh until they take it just a little too far.

12. Pisces: The stubborn one.

When you're doing group projects they're in charge. If anyone is throwing a party it's them. You can't tell them anything different because they know their way is the right way. At the end of the day everything the do is good so just let them be.