The Seven Conversations You're Not Looking Forward To This Thanksgiving
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The Seven Conversations You're Not Looking Forward To This Thanksgiving

In leu of Turkey Day, prepare for your annual roast

The Seven Conversations You're Not Looking Forward To This Thanksgiving

It's one of those years. You know, where Thanksgiving is going to be a fun time. There will be delicious, home-cooked meals, there will be family, and there will be conversations. But, as I said, it's one of those years; Thanksgiving is going to be fun. Very, very, "fun." I would be willing to bet my second helping of stuffing that either Donald Trump or my college life choices will be brought up at the dinner table. It's going to

I'm kidding; yes, I do expect these conversations, but I always have a wonderful time at Thanksgiving. Regardless of how your Thanksgivings tend to go, here are seven conversations that you'll probably want to avoid at this year's annual turkey extravaganza.

1. Politics

This guy. You may know him as Donald, Don, "the guy whose name is on the buildings," or Our President. YEP. This topic will be almost completely inescapable. If you're in disagreement with the election, but old Aunt Susie isn't, then good luck.

2. Relationships

Nobody is safe in this one, whether you're dating someone or single. Coincidentally, your love life will be the only one that matters too. Especially if you don't talk much, are single, and are searching for a relationship. Once again, best of luck to you.

3. Grades

If you don't have straight A's, then this one applies to you. Your only B will be put in question, if you happened to get a C in Calculus, suddenly the rest of the family knows all there is to know about calculating the area under a curve of a derivative, and if you don't know how to say, "I didn't read Jane Eyre," without saying "I didn't read Jane Eyre," then I really hope you read Jane Eyre.

4. Any "News" About Your Hometown

So-and-so had a baby, and a cow got loose from the neighbor's barn? Now this is entertainment. If you're lucky, none of these topics will be about people you know.

5. Your Major/Career Path

"Jack, what are you studying again?"

"English and Philosophy."

"Hmmm......and what do you plan on doing with that?"

*Breathes in deeply, preparing to recite my (risky) life plan again*

6. "What did you do over the weekend?"

As a college kid, over the weekends I enjoy studying, catching up on my sleep, reading a good book, perhaps going to the gym, calling every member of the family to ask how they're doing, donating most of my money to charity, going to church (twice), and, if I'm feeling wild, I'll buy an extra apple at the local farmers market.

Yeah, right.

7. Working Over Winter Break

How else will you fund your weekends? There's so much goodness to expect over Winter break, unless it's not actually a "break." I've never felt more adult than when I've had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, complain about the snow on the ground and how it will affect my commute to work, and start brewing my cup of coffee while listening to early morning talk radio. This system of anti-Winter break-ness always comes to fruition at Thanksgiving Dinner, as the family wants to know when I can pay them back for all of the money I borrowed.

Again, I truly enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner, even if it includes the conversations above. Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody.

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