Even though it is early April the semester is ending.

Finals Are Coming And I'm A Mess

I understand that it's like a month away, but it's coming and we need to be okay with that.


I keep coming up to the weeks where I have an article due and having absolutely nothing to write about. This literally happens to me biweekly, because I am a biweekly writer and not a weekly writer... so I should really be able to come up with something to write about but I quite honestly can never think of something to write about. Are there no things going on in my life? Have I just run out of things that I am able to write about any sort of given up? Or, am I just a little overwhelmed from classwork and now have nothing in my life that inspires me except for my coursework?

Yes. I wrote an article a few weeks ago about how I was stressed about registering for classes and I did that, but now there are other problems. We are coming to the end of the semester, everybody. It is coming way closer than we thought that it was, and I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that, but it's coming. Final projects are being announced. Final exams study guides are being created. The end of the semester is rearing on us everyone, and I feel like it's coming for me sooner than it's coming for anybody else.


This semester seems to have gone by faster than any of the other three semester's of college that I have been in and I can't explain it. It's going by faster, even though it feels like it's just begun and that I've never gotten into the swing of things with this semester and it's coming up to an end. Something about this semester was off, and I can't really explain it, but it wasn't in a bad way. It might be because I know that when this semester ends, I'll be halfway through my college career and that is a really weird thing to think about. Does anyone else feel the same way? Just me? Okay. I'll see you in two weeks.

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