If you're someone who is constantly searching for deeper meaning to life, you're constantly full of hopes. You hope for relationships that create deep emotional connections. You hope for a mind set that makes you eager to explore the world. You hope for the ability to find yourself and your purpose on earth. You want all these experiences because you truly want to experience the feeling of feeling alive.

Know that if you're on one of these journeys, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You might have a few bad relationships before you reach the one that is meant to be. You might change your career path one or ten times before you find the one you love. You may lose sight of what you want while trying to find yourself. But it is in these times that we begin to find our answers.

The people who come into our lives can show us true love. This is the kind of love that makes your heart beat and gives you goosebumps. Falling in love can make you feel like you're on a cloud and you're never coming down. Love can make you feel alive.

Having love for friends and family can also make you feel this way. Having a support system and a group of people who truly care and motivate you can make you feel like your place on earth is validated and important. They give you a reason to live life fully.

It's also the things we do for ourselves that make us feel alive. From little adventures around town to vacations in foreign countries, new places offer us new insight to counter what we already know. New experiences like going to college or moving across the country can open a door we may have been afraid to open before.

These risks and new beginnings can actually be the beginning of our lives. They can cause us to try something new or to question what we already know, helping us find what we didn't know we were searching for within ourselves.

Experiences that make our heart race and our adrenaline rush are the ones that make us feel alive. When we look back and say, "Wow, imagine if I didn't do that? My life wouldn't be the same" or "I would've never known I was capable of this," that's when you know it was all worth it. Searching for deeper meanings within our lives is how we find ourselves. It is how we live every day on earth to fullest and truly feeling that statement and not just saying it.

For the people on the journey for deeper meanings, stick to it. For those who are afraid, take the leap. Know that better days and a better you can benefit from taking chances, exploring the world, falling in love, and changing things up. It's scary but that's why the outcome is so rewarding and fulfilling.