The Rise And Fall Of Having A Crush As Told By 'Friends'
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The Rise And Fall Of Having A Crush As Told By 'Friends'

He's so pretty I want to cry!

The Rise And Fall Of Having A Crush As Told By 'Friends'
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The ever-so-famous TV show "Friends" is definitely good for more than a few laughs at jokes that are way too relatable. Here are a few times that our favorite characters hit the nail on the head with the rises and falls of having a crush:

1. The most complicated of all tasks: working up the courage to talk to your crush in person.

2. And when you finally think you figure out something to say...

3. So now you're set on the idea of never speaking to anyone ever again

4. Until you accidentally hit send on a spur of the moment text to said crush

5. But to your surprise they text back and actually ask you out on a date

6. You suspect this may be too good to be true, but you settle on this way of looking at things

7. You may have been trying to play it cool, but you're back to being your normal, awkward, and nervous self right before the date

8. So you try to prepare yourself with a little role playing

9. Once you're ready to go you feel totally confident and smooth

10. But once you're on the date, your calm, cool, and collected self goes right out the window

11. But in one way or another, your date turns out to be a total dud

12. And you're left thinking that it's all your fault since you held them on a pedestal in your head

13. Even though you knew there still had to be some reason you fell for them...

14. But you're not going to let yourself fall back into the trap of their beauty

15. Because you realize people are not always who they appear to be, and it's kind of disappointing

16. So you have to not think about it somehow

17. Until you unexpectedly see your crush with someone else one day

18. And now it's all you can think about

19. But one day it just gets easier to laugh at your being alone

20. And you realize you're way better off without that person anyways

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