The Riley To My Maya
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The Riley To My Maya

She's the thunder to my lightning

The Riley To My Maya

Girl Meets World may have been cancelled but Maya and Riley’s friendship is forever. It’s true that they are ultimate best friend goals. It’s also true that some best friend relationships resembles theirs perfectly. Do you have a Maya or Riley in your life? I know I do. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and really is the thunder to my lightning. She's my Riley and I have no idea what I would do without her. Here’s why:

I Found Her:

Maya crawled through Riley’s bay window because she was running away from home. She specifically told Riley that her parents were yelling at each other. Soon after their first meeting, Riley asked Maya to be her friend and the rest is history.

I didn’t run away from home or anything like that but before I met my Riley, I didn’t know what it was like to have a best friend. Then I met her. I walked through her bedroom door because she had a Taylor Swift song playing. After that, the rest was history. Sure, these two situations are different. Maya crawled through that window and found Riley. I walked through my best friends door. I will forever be thankful for that one Taylor Swift song and an open door.


We finish each other sentences and know each other more than anyone else. Sharing secrets, good news, bad news and whatever else it is, is what we do best. In fact, I’m pretty sure she knows me better than I know myself. Whatever it is that’s going on in my life, she’s the one that knows about it first.


Throughout the entire show, you find two best friends who sacrifice for each other. That’s what we do. We sacrifice for the other because why wouldn’t you? She’s your best friend. She’s your Riley.


While I love being sappy, we can’t stay there forever. Adventures is what we do best whether it’s traveling to the city where we went to school or going on late night McDonalds and Starbucks runs. Everything with her is an adventure, even when it involves blasting Kesha and Hannah Montana in the car or watching One Tree Hill until late at night. Adventures are never the same when she isn’t involved. I’m pretty sure Riley and Maya feel the same way.

Best Friends Stick Together

Riley and Maya have always stuck together. When the seniors told Riley, Maya, Lucas and their other friends to stand in the ‘hole’ during their first week of high school and all their friends had left their side, Maya and Riley stood together. They never left each others side.

When best friends put each other in bad situations, positions and whatnot, it’s because they have the others best interests at heart. Friends leave and boys come and go, but best friends stick together. That’s what we do. We’ve always had each others back and that will never change.

She’s my Riley and she’ll always be my Riley.

Finding Yourself Together:

Finding yourself is hard and it’s definitely something that you can’t do on your own. While Maya and Riley are taking on high school together, trying to figure out who they are as young women; my best friend and I have been busy taking on college and adulthood. Figuring out who you are takes time, and who better to help you do it than your best friend? Remember Maya’s identity crisis and how Riley just jumped right in to help her find herself again? That’s the perfect example of what best friends do for each other when the other just doesn’t know who they are.

College, seminary and adulthood is a huge hurdle to overcome. We find ourselves just to lose ourselves and find ourselves again. The struggle is real, but I wouldn’t want to go through it with anyone else but my best friend.

Her Closet is My Closet:

We wear each others clothes and there's nothing weird about that. We have our own individual styles but when you put two and two together, it just works. Don’t judge us. We’re way cooler than you.

Fighting for Each Other:

As Maya puts it, her and Riley are going to be best friends for life - and sometimes that means dealing with some rocky roads along the way. During those rocky roads of life, Maya and Riley are always fighting for each other. Whether the situation is big or small, fighting for each other is never an option. It’s just what you do as best friends.

I will always fight for my Riley, no matter what.

Challenging Each Other in the Best Way:

Challenging each other with the hard questions is a part of life when it comes to having a best friend. But isn’t that what having a best friend is all about? Maya and Riley didn’t grow and learn by just remaining stagnant. They grew because they challenged each either whether it be with life’s questions or a homework problem.

Without being challenged by my best friend, I don’t know where I’d be. I’m better because I have her.

Taking On the World:

No matter what it is that life throws at us, we’re taking it on together. She’s my best friend and that will never change.

Watch out world. We’re taking you on!

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