The Refusal To Fail

We all have accepted the thought of failure; we take it as a normal part of life. Time and time again we have been told that some things just aren’t supposed to work out and when that happens we tend to find ourselves abandoning whatever we were working so hard on and leaving it in the past to never be thought of again.

When and why did experiencing failure become something to be ashamed of?

Think about it, when have you willing shared the times you have failed to someone else. When you go in for that interview you have been working so hard to get you don't shake the manager's hand, tell them your name, and start listing all the times you have failed up until that very moment. It seems that from the beginning of time we have been taught to connect failure to negativity.

Why not turn our failures into success? What would it take to turn what we feel like to be a loss and transform it into a gain? There seems to be a simple answer for that; change your mindset and the outcome will change with it. Take every failure as an opportunity to learn where you can improve and turn it into a success. Your idea doesn’t have to be the same as the person sitting next to you, your colleagues, friends, siblings, or parents.

Go ahead and let yourself hit rock bottom but don’t forget to start climbing your way back up to the top, wherever that may be for you. It shouldn’t matter how long it takes you to get there or how many times you change your idea of success. Let every opportunity be the fuel that allows you to reach your ambitions. As long as you are going out there and trying there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Redirect your mindset to not only accept what we make out to be a failure and turn it into a learning experience, a story to tell, and a part of who you are.

Next time you find yourself face to face with failure ask yourself… is it really a loss just because things didn’t happen the way you expected or is it a stepping stone to your success?

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