A college student is surfing the internet for job opportunities and what they want to do with the rest of their life. After much research, they have chosen something that they think they would enjoy and have interest in for a long time. Job found. Now the searching moves from what do I want to do, to where can I do this. Another extensive period of time is spent searching for all available job opportunities out there, by no means is this just casual web surfing. After X amount of time, the college student slams there laptop shut and that little glimmer of hope for their future is shot down. What was a tiny flickering light for the upcoming future has been blown out faster than a birthday candle. End scene.

Does this sound familiar to any college student? I can guarantee you this happens at least once a week for at least one student on a campus. And that is certainly understating it. Trying to find out what you want to do with your major is hard enough, but when you are able to get that done and ready to find a job? Good luck, because even if there is plenty out there (which isn't typically the case), you don't have a chance! Now you may be against me at this moment in my thinking, but just examine the following and see just how little a college student has at a chance to move on from just being a student and into the "real" world.

You are not the only one graduating from college.

You are not alone in graduating after four or more years of time at college. There are hundreds within your own school, and then you go beyond into your state, and all the other states in the country. You know what the next step for everyone is? Looking for a job.

Your resumé isn't that different from anybody else's.

So say you volunteered and got this great experience here and there. You could be on Dean's List every semester, maybe be in Honors for your college. Had a great internship? Well so did everyone else who is going to be going for the same job as you. Competition is high and they may not say the exact same thing on the piece of paper you hand over, but I can guarantee you it isn't too different.

You know exactly what you want.. well other's do too.

We all can hope that we are so determined and head strong because we know what we want and will do anything for it. Well, people are similar and I bet you someone has that same attitude just like you.

The job you want is too good for you to even let you apply.

This may not pertain to everyone, but how can you apply for your dream job when they don't even give you the chance to? Some places are so superior in the industry that they won't even put the job out where the average person could find it. Good luck showing your worth it when you can't even get to that point.

Experience is required everywhere.

Okay "real" world. Where do you want me to get my experience at X place or qualification when every single job requires to have at least 3 years experience. I can't get experience when every place is requiring it to even apply! What happened to giving a chance to people, huh?

You need to know how to do everything under the sun.

Since when is it that your job title requires you to do everyone else's job too? You are trained and schooled to be knowledgable in your area of expertise. I didn't become a Communication major to learn how to code an entire website or do someones statistics and anaylsis'. People go to school or learn how to do those things specifically, that is why there is a job title for these sort of things. Now a days its expected of you to have more tools in your box than ever before.

While this may sound very negative, which is a surprising side for me to display, it is merely the truth. It's pretty sad that you put in all this work and are very knowledgable but can't even prove that or apply it anywhere. The truth is, is people need to take a few leaps back in time and realize that taking risks and giving people chances is how you have got to where you are. Not everyone and everything is perfect, so stop expecting that from everyone. It's pretty unfortunate that this is what all college students have to look forward to. The world just needs to take a step out of the frame and look at the bigger picture.