The Reality About Going Back To College; Expectation v. Reality
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Student Life

The Reality About Going Back To College; Expectation v. Reality

It never goes quite as planned.

The Reality About Going Back To College; Expectation v. Reality
Avery Felty

The Reality About Going Back To College.

Expectation vs. Reality

What we expect from college but what we actually get.

Expectation: Being in bed, showered, hair dried, Crest White Strips in (because the internet tells girls that they will make our teeth whiter overnight), all this being done by 9:00pm (just in time for bed.)

Reality: Rushing back to your apartment or dorm from a night of studying and passing out without changing your clothes or brushing your teeth.

Expectation: Swipes right on Tinder for, “Mr. Right.” This guy is different and will open doors and not sleep around behind my back. Then, we will live happily ever after.

Reality: Never gets a decent reply or response from a guy on Tinder and continues to go after these boys until you say you are done. But, do not worry in about a week you will become bored and want the excitement of Tinder back in your life.

Expectation: I studied for the past week for this huge Chemistry exam coming up on Friday and I am so prepared I have not a care in the world.

Reality: *stresses out since syllabus week about finals week*

Expectation: I am going to eat unbelievably lean, green and clean and continue to go to the gym every day at 8 am before class and still have time to study and shower.

Reality: Forgetting an assignment is due on your way to the gym and having to turn around as you are struggling to walk across campus as you are stuffing your face with your dry turkey and cheddar sandwich with bread that tastes like cardboard because meal points only get you so much.

Expectation: “I am going to meet so many new friends this semester. I am going to go out with them all the time and enjoy my time, young and free.”

Reality: *Stays in watching Netflix, wrapped up in your fuzzy blanket while eating Sour Patch Kids and mouthing the words to Legally Blonde in the background*

Expectation: Signs up for every ListServ for clubs to get involved with.

Reality: Ignores every email from each ListServ for clubs after the involvement fair is over while continually avoiding eye contact all year with the clubs president after you told her you were very passionate about saving the earth in the Green Club.

Expectation: “I am only going to go out with you for about an hour or two and then I HAVE to come back and get some sleep for the quiz I have for tomorrow.”

Reality: *Stays out all night at favorite frat dancing on raised surfaces, goes to quiz still in going out outfit*

Expectation: Makes it to 8am every single day of the semester.

Reality: *Sleeps through all classes that day.*

Expectation: “I am not going to get homesick, pshhh I am a Junior I have done this before twice.”

Reality: *Cries when the University Health Center holds puppy events for stress relief and goes to every event.*

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