The Racist Housing Policy From The Jim Crow Era That Lives On Today

The Racist Housing Policy From The Jim Crow Era That Lives On Today

Is it ironic that there's a color-coding system that's followed?

Some people like to say that racism doesn't exist, and I'll nod my head in agreement. I nod my head because systematic racism persists. No, there are no signs that label a certain water fountain for white or black use only, but there may as well be a sign for your neighborhood to be for only blacks or whites, or Latinos or Asians.

Take a look around the neighborhood in which you live: is there a dominant race? Don't try to tell me that there's not, because there most definitely is. And it's on account of a racist housing policy. In the 1930s, the Federal Housing Administration came up a policy that overtly discriminated against minorities by denying to back mortgages to buy homes in certain areas. This practice dubbed a name: redlining.

Redlining disregards a potential home-buyer his credit worthiness or other credentials, but determines whether he will obtain a mortgage based upon his race and the location where he wants to buy a home. If it is in an area where investment is likely and the prospective buyer is of a minority race, he will be denied a mortgage. The areas where investment is likely are distinguished by a red line on a map, which is from where the term redlining is derived.

The FHA administered this policy in the 1930s and though it was repealed in the 1960s, it unofficially persists today. Don't believe me?

In 2014, Evans Bank in New York was taken to court for systematically denying African-Americans mortgages in a specific area in Buffalo, to the point where it created an overtly segregated city.

Redlining follows a color-coded system (ironic?): areas will either be shaded green, blue, yellow or red. Green areas are where investment is likely (the "best" areas), thus effectively creating homogeneous neighborhoods comprised of predominantly white citizens. Blue areas were still desirable but not as much so. Yellow areas' desirability was declining, and red areas were not desirable. In the 1930s, red areas were comprised of predominantly black citizens on account of Jim Crow Laws, but from then on, red areas became inherently comprised of black citizens.

Take a look at a map of Baltimore from 1937:

And now compare that to this map from 2010:

The biggest problem with redlining is not that is a racist practice, but that it creates an environment and ability for racism to persist. In both maps, you are clearly able to see the segregated communities in spite of an almost 80-year difference. These communities are not just socioeconomically distinct from each other, but ecologically different.

All in all, a racist policy created in the height of the Jim Crow era reigns on today. Minorities are systematically discriminated against. Despite living in a country that boasts the ideals of the American Dream, where if you work hard enough, you will be able to prosper, the odds are pitted against them. How is someone supposed to prosper when there is an entire system holding him back, literally enclosing them into their own communities that are not equipped to thrive?

Cover Image Credit: American Yawp

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So many people talking about it bring up the point of how we shouldn't "sexualize" breastfeeding and seeing a woman's breasts while doing so. Actually, all of these people are missing the point. It's not sexual, it's just purely immodest and disrespectful.

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Cover up. Be modest. Be mindful. Be respectful. Don't want to see my boobs? Good, I don't want to see yours either. Hard to believe, I know.

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The Internet’s Infatuation With 'Soft Boys' Needs To Stop

Quick, (before he ghosts you), let me know if this boy sounds familiar!


You know he exists. Your girlfriends have told you whisperings. He's lurking nearby. It's…the softboy. The one who civilly slides into your DMs because he would love to hear your thoughts on philosophy, literature, or his vinyl collection.

Okay, sorry, backing up. In order to understand what a softboy is, you must know some history. Internet 101 is in session. No need to silence your cell.

In the past few years, society has finally come up with a word for a male sl*t: a f*ckboy! In case you don't know this slang, a f*ckboy is a male who is strictly into sexual relationships facilitated by manipulation. You know, the kind of shallow guy who sends unprompted pictures of his genitals. He is typically seen with "his boys" because bros come before h*es. A f*ckboy will tell you that "you're not like the other girls"; this is supposed to be a compliment because he doesn't have any respect for other girls. Quick, (before he ghosts you), let me know if this boy sounds familiar!

Well, ladies and gents, we have a new monster on our hands. Or, rather, the same monster in a sheepskin disguise: the softboy!

The softboy Internet craze is a new trend, created as a seeming pendulum swing from the overt dirt-baggery of the infamous f*ckboy. Finally, American culture has a backlash against obvious jerks! …Only to be replaced by the same guy, but this time, in Doc Martins.

They are imitations of the adorkable, lanky white boys of the month on Twitter such as Noah Centineo, Cole Sprouse, Timothee Chalamet, and Troye Sivan – the guys who are not afraid to express their feminine side in their emotional art. Young people adore them for their androgynous beauty and progressive sweetness. In turn, normal guys impersonate these famous people in hopes of receiving that same adoration from women.

However, what these imitators, these softboys, lack is the authenticity of the guys they're trying hard to look like. It's a façade to get in others' pants. He regurgitates whatever you want to hear and will use that to sleep with you before he moves on to "deal with his journey as a flaneur". Whether you're dealing with a f*ckboy or a softboy, they're both manipulating others based on what they think they like. And manipulation is wrong.

Let me argue further, whereas an out-and-proud f*ckboy will wear a tank-top and listen to SoundCloud rappers, the softboy prefers a thrifted sweater while listening to indie music and calling all other tunes "trash". You know, because he is sensitive.

Whereas a f*ckboy half-jokes about being a meninist, the softboy respects women too much to pay for anything, ever. He calls himself a feminist, utilizing the label to his advantage. The softboy knows he's not going to make any girl swoon by being a total misogynist, so he plays the antithesis. But as soon as the situation gets ugly, he will show his real philosophy, with his patronizing voice calling you a derogatory name when something doesn't go his way.

Everything a softboy does is a ploy, (so convincing, that he may even believe these things about himself). He completes this performance to demonstrate to you that he's the good note in the noise. And that's why you have to be wary of him.

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