The Quick Rise of Lil Uzi Vert

The Quick Rise of Lil Uzi Vert

A young rapper who has had a quick rise to fame having unique rapping ability.

Lil Uzi Vert has exploded in popularity in the year. He has had a quick rise to fame and has released a lot of content within the past year. Lil Uzi is unlike many rappers seen today in both his rapping ability and flow. Vert has a fast delivery hence the name "Lil Uzi" because he raps as fast as a machine gun or Uzi. He has a unique voice and brings a different kind of style to the rap game. Lil Uzi Vert is gaining more ground as a rapper and he seems to be evolving into a trap rap star.

Lil Uzi Vert is from Philadelphia, PA. He is a small guy with colored dreads who has a lot of confidence. Lil Uzi is a fan of rock music and skateboarding. Lil Uzi Vert has had struggles in his life. His parents were both separated and he was also hanging out at his grandma's house frequently. At school, he barely had any friends and he did rap while at school as a small hobby. Little would he know that he would blow up and have a rap career making millions. His SoundCloud would explode with millions of plays within time. Lil Uzi Vert never gave up on rapping and eventually was able to have success. It goes to show that people should never give up on what they want.

His first released project "Luv is Rage" helped get his name out there and be noticed. Some good songs on here are "Super Saiyan," "7 AM," and "All My Chains." The album as a whole had good production and some good lyrics. "7 AM" is a song that talks about getting someone else's girl. "Super Saiyan" is a banger where Lil Uzi goes off rapping fast about drugs and women. He uses that theme of saying "Aye" after almost every lyric which works. It's explosive like the show "Dragon Ball Z." The song "All My Chains" is an anthem song. The album as a whole was decent showing some talent and potential.

My favorite project by him is "Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World." All of his projects have a creative feel to them with the design of the covers. The album has a cartoonish look with blends of different colors. The album makes interesting references to "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World." I personally like songs "Canadian Goose," "Hi Roller," "Money Longer," "Ps & Qs," and "You Was Right." "Money Longer" is Vert's best song of all time. The beat and the lyrics are good in this track. His other song "Hi Roller," I believe is a banger and showcases his best rap lines. Some good lines in the song are "Ooh, I am a beast. Look at my pockets they so obese, yeah. They so obese. I eat up like it's at a feast, yeah." "You Was Right" is a comedic song with a nice beat about a heartbreak gone wrong. All of these tracks show a trend of nice catchy hooks and nice melodies. The melodies fit throughout the whole album. "Ps & Qs," is unique in the kind of beat it has that gives a Paris like feel. This project in my opinion is the best out of the three he has released.

His latest project "The Perfect LUV Tape," is in my view his weakest mixtape. The production is not as good as past projects. His lyrics are not as good either, with bogus lines like "Yeah, I don't cheat (what). Me and my girl fuck bitches together (Yeah). The whole album is pointless in the fact that it does not have an exact direction or message to spread. Nothing that is being said is of utter importance or imagery. It did have some good aspects of expanding his singing like in the song "Erase Your Social," where it discusses the damaging effects of social media. The track "Seven Million" with future is a song that stands out on the album. The other songs are just alright. The song "Ronda (Winners)," the lyrics do not work for the song and neither does the beat. Honestly, I thought that this album was a couple of steps below his past mixtapes. Overall, this mixtape was good in some ways but overall it was not his best and it showed that he needs to improve even more.

What makes his music good is that he makes the kind of music that pumps people up and gets you into a good mood. One of his tendencies is how when he raps he says "Aye" or "Yea" after a lyric. It surprisingly is an advantage for him and he makes it work in his music. His music and fame really got big out of no where, having nothing to him to then then being a good upcoming rapper. He had his hit song "Money Longer," which has about 38 million views on Youtube and that was a banger with a nice beat and some good catchy lyrics. Lil Uzi puts in good hooks and some catchy lyrics to his advantage. Personally, I like his songs where he has nice catchy lyrics and flow. I like his song "7 AM" which has a nice beat and some nice lyrics and his hit song "Money Longer." A song that he released over the summer called "Subzero" I also enjoyed. He raps about typical topics in today's rap like getting girls, smoking, and being the man. This is one of his weaknesses so far as a rookie rapper. He does not rap about significant topics in society. It is not rapping that surprises you or something that is big in seriousness. He could also improve his vocals of singing and rapping. Although, he is a young rapper who could improve over time.

Vert is whether you like him or not an upcoming rapper that is both unique and confident. He is starting to gain ground working with highly talented artists in the past like well known rappers Wiz Khalifa and Future. Lil Uzi Vert is only 22 years old, so he has a long career ahead of him. He brings a sense of style that the game has not seen before, he is the future of trap rap.

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Cover Image Credit:

@champagnepapi / Instagram

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An Answer To The Question Of Our Times, Does Lightning McQueen Have Car Insurance Or Life Insurance?

The debate has been settled.

My third year at Elon ended awhile ago, but there is one question I was asked this year that is still burning in my mind. It's not from a class I took or a meaningful discussion I made but it is still of utter importance.

Does Lightning McQueen have car insurance or life insurance?

It's been presented to me that he could have both but that answer just doesn't satisfy me. Sometimes not everyone gets to be right. Just like you shouldn't get a trophy for being the 12th best team in little-league, Lightning McQueen should have either car insurance or life insurance, not both.

My initial response was that McQueen has car insurance because, you know, he's a car. However, a deeper dive into the issue shows me that only fools would think this way.

Throughout the “Cars" universe it appears that cars are the main source of intelligent life on the planet. There are no signs of human beings ever existing. Even if you subscribe to the theory that all Pixar movies share the same universe, there are still no humans on earth at the time of “Cars."

With no humans around, it's reasonable to believe the cars think of themselves as the dominant form of life and would thus, have Car insurance. Our hearts are their engines. Our buttcracks are their mufflers. You get the idea. What's most important is that while life looks different for Cars, they would still refer to it their insurance as for their lives.

If you are still saying that since they are Cars they would call it car insurance, I would love for you to show me the “Human Insurance" card you keep in your wallet. Oh, you don't have one? That's what I thought.

If Lightning McQueen really had car insurance like in our world, please tell me who is working on him when he goes into the auto shop? A car working on another car sounds a lot to me like the “Cars" version of a doctor, not a mechanic.

Overall this debate is silly. Once you get past your initial instincts, It's clear to me that whatever the dominant, intelligent form of life is in the world, they would have life insurance. It doesn't matter if that is cars, kangaroos, or even refrigerators. The dominant life is life, and that life needs to be insured.

Cover Image Credit: Facebook

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