The Meaning Behind The Lyrics: "Me, Myself, And I" By G-Eazy And Bebe Rexha
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The Meaning Behind The Lyrics: "Me, Myself, And I" By G-Eazy And Bebe Rexha

An analysis of a recent hit song.

The Meaning Behind The Lyrics: "Me, Myself, And I" By G-Eazy And Bebe Rexha

Usually it seems like a large majority of the songs we hear on the radio are about love, relationships, or something along those lines. But recently we had a hit song that was an exception to the rule: "Me, Myself, and I" by G-Easy and Bebe Rexha. As the title suggests, this song reaches out to people who view themselves as more independent. To me it’s an interesting song because it doesn’t promote bitterness; it contemplates the benefits of isolation, and what can come of pushing people away. Whichever side is most apparent to you, it can be empowering. It’s a reminder to everyone regardless of their relationship situation that everyone has something to strive for in life and there’s much more to it than just love. That we can rely on ourselves to accomplish great things.

Oh, it's just me, myself and I

Solo ride until I die

Cause I got me for life

(Got me for life, yeah)

Oh I don't need a hand to hold

Even when the night is cold

I got that fire in my soul

We can try to hang on to people in our lives all we want, but we often don't have control over when and if they leave our lives. The only certainty is we have is ourselves, and only through that certainty do we have trust. Sometimes life takes us on undesirable paths, but that spirit within us allows us to push through no matter what.

And as far as I can see I just need privacy

Plus a whole lot of tree f**k all this modesty

I just need space to do me get a world that they're tryna see

A stellar max flow right beside of me

A Ferrari I'm buyin' three

A closet of Saint Laurent, get what I want when I want

Cause hunger is driving me, yeah

G-Eazy is communicating what privacy and individuality allow him to accomplish and obtain. It does seem like he is prioritizing riches over social interaction, but I see it as him putting his needs above those of others. It sounds selfish, but it's a necessary evil. You have to look out for yourself; that's hard to accept. Every person has their desires and goals, and it's up to them how they wish to accomplish them.

I just need to be alone, I just need to be at home

Understand what I'm speaking on if time is money I need a loan

But regardless I'll always keep keepin' on

F**k fake friends, we don't take L's we just make M's

While y'all follow, we just make trends

I'm right back to work when that break ends

From his experience, many friendships have not been genuine or productive. Ultimately that is a waste of time, and time is simply not something people are willing to bargain with. While other people seem to be content with playing games or being unproductive, G-Eazy is using his energy to further his career. That is the decision he chose, and it's similar to decisions we have to make. It goes back to that need for self-preservation: Ultimately, what is best for us? Is the way we live our lives beneficial, or is it toxic? Will it get us where we want to go or is this fool’s gold?

I don't need anything to get me through the night

Just the beat that's in my heart

Yeah, it's keeping me alive

(Keeps me alive)

I don't need anything to make me satisfied (you know)

'Cause the music fills me good and it gets me every time

If you're looking for motivation, satisfaction, and purpose, it is up to you to find that. It is up to you to discover what pushes you to the next level, to try harder, and to succeed. While others may be useful in that pursuit of happiness, most of that responsibility rests on your shoulders. You're your own biggest ally.

Yeah, and I don't like talking to strangers

So get the f**k off me I'm anxious

I'm tryna be cool but I might just go ape s**t

Say f**k y'all to all of y'all faces

It changes though now that I'm famous

Everyone knows how this lifestyle is dangerous

But I love it the rush is amazing

Celebrate nightly and everyone rages

Some rules from childhood are taken to heart throughout a person’s life. In this case, that rule is “Don’t talk to strangers.” Not many people are comfortable around people they don't know; many remain uncomfortable around people they do know. He doesn't seem to mind strangers as long as he's partying, though. Sometimes you can't avoid the problem, but you can distract yourself from it. Who knows? Maybe in certain environments G-Eazy is too busy to notice them.

I found how to cope with my anger

I'm swimming in money

Swimming in liquor my liver is muddy

But it's all good I'm still sippin' this bubbly

This shit is lovely, this shit ain't random, I didn't get lucky

Made it right here 'cause I'm sick with it Cudi

They all take the money for granted

But don't want to work for now tell me, isn't it funny?

A lot of people cope with negative emotions through success and luxury, but it doesn't come automatically. You have to work hard, but once you climb to the top or to wherever you want to be, you're welcome to reap the rewards. However, he doesn't consider himself lucky, which I believe is a fundamental error in life. There is so much out of your control you cannot truthfully discredit luck from having a say in your success. Oftentimes the difference between victory and defeat, success and failure, is the smallest of margins. That is why we should count our blessings. It's good to be proud in your accomplishments, but you had to have had some help along the way.

Yeah, lonely nights I laid awake

Pray to lord, my soul to take

My heart's become too cold to break

Know I'm great but I'm broke as hell

Having dreams that I'm folding cake

All my life I've been told to wait

But I'mma get it now it's no debate

The last slate of original lyrics before the song finishes takes a reflective stance. He understands his life was no picnic, but what didn't kill him made him stronger. Immune to pain but immune to emotion as well. Being independent is one thing, but how does one suppress elements and emotions that any human surely must encounter at some point? Based on my life experience I can relate to those words to some extent, but not entirely. It gets to a point where it’s too extreme to be realistic. But through that extremity a point is being made.

Overall this song sends a powerful message about what people are capable of even if they don't have a relationship or even solid friendships. Why did I bother to write an article about this song over others? Well, when it comes to being single, let’s just say I’m a lot more experienced than the average 20-year-old in that department. Not only that, moving schools, fluctuating moments of my life, and several factors I had little control over have forced me to be adaptive to new environments and new people. The one constant was myself, my attitudes, and my ambitions. And finally, this song is an exception to the rule. It is in stark contrast to the trend of themes songs typically of the rap/hip-hop genre are about. Some themes and lyrics may sound similar and blend right in, but the core of it remains unique and interesting.

Music, like other forms of media prevalent in my life, particularly video games, fascinates me to the point where I can't help but notice when something important or interesting is present. This prompts me to dig deeper in pursuit of wisdom or knowledge. It’s a pursuit that never ends, but it’s not meant to.
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