The Protests That Will Shape The Future
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Politics and Activism

The Protests That Will Shape The Future

It's time that the people start standing up and speaking out, and that is exactly what is happening

The Protests That Will Shape The Future

At a time when the whole country seems more and more divided by the day, the unity that holds what is left of these groups grows stronger simultaneously. In the months leading up to the 45th presidential election, the citizens found themselves caught between the notion that they can make America great again or use love to trump hate. Whatever side of the political wall they find themselves on both groups have stood strong in the face of political adversity.

As current President Donald J. Trump took seat in the White House last January, the streets held home to those determined to make their opposition heard. As time continues and society evolves, what started as simple Anti-Trump protests have begun and will continue to motivate a cultivate that will create the change necessary to truly “Make America Great Again”.

On January 20th, men and women from all ethnicities and creeds took to the streets in Washington DC to march in unity to express their concerns with the then-president-elect and his views, including but not limited to women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigration, representation, and many others. Protester Amoni Leone states “I think it made an impact due to exactly what the President said and I think that’s what built it into being more than just a ‘Women’s March’”. These people, who dedicate their lives to family matters and work, took time from their day to day endeavors to convey their ideas knowing it would not change what was to come the next four years but maybe thereafter.

It wasn’t just the everyday civilian that held concern for what was to come. Those who held high social platforms, and maybe did not previously concern themselves with politics (similar to the man himself) expressed their views on the Donald as well. Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, being the most outspoken one, has turned his comedic talk show into a homefront for political thoughts against the President, most famously referencing his own son and his regards towards the president’s new upcoming tax and health insurance plan.

Just recently, 2018 Golden Globe host Seth Meyers took to the stage taking his stabs at the POTUS with recent Cecil B. De Mille award winner Oprah Winfrey following with, “It is the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice” in regards to the President’s vocal opposition to certain media outlets, referring to them as “Fake News.”

These men and women take to the comforts of the stage using their name as a platform to get even more up close and personal not only to those accused of such nefarious behavior, but those who will feel the backlash of such. It is those men and women who will continue to inspire many, like you and me, to stand up, not as one but as a whole, and cultivate the change necessary to truly “Make America Great Again”

So what is next? What will come out of these protests? Though many will inherently say that this shows that people want change, what they undermine is the ability to succeed. These protests large and small, are indicative of something much larger than an opinion. These voices are already bringing the uprising being seen every day all across the world. It is the current administration that will infuriate not hundreds, but thousands of Americans to not only truly think about what is happening on a political and social level, but to have the courage to get out in the world and generate the change they want to see.

Come 2020, the world we know will be run by dreamers, those who hold ideas to heavy to be confined to the imagination. They will convince themselves and those around them to act, if not now then when?

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