We've all been there. Whether is be a wedding, dance, or a potentially awkward night of third wheeling that you're trying to avoid, finding a date is never an easy process. In fact, I'm convinced that it gets harder each time. Some of us may be blessed with the perfect significant other or best friend that is always there whenever a plus-one is needed, but unfortunately that is not me. Here's a basic breakdown of how the finding the date process goes.

1. The Initial Excitement Of Getting To Bring A Date To An Event

Finally an excuse to dress up and not just have pictures with your girlfreinds to post.

2. Until You Realize You Don't Have Anyone To Ask

No boyfriend and no boy friends (or ones you can ask) quickly puts that initial excitement to rest.

3. Thinking To Yourself, "There's Plenty Of Time To Figure That Out"

After all you have a whole month to find someone. Why stress over it now?

4. Stalking Any And All Potential Dates On Social Media

They created Instagram for a reason, right?

5. Contemplating Sliding Into The DMs

Why else would they have a messaging feature? (Yes, you've reached desperate).

6. Then Considering Just Asking One Of Your Girlfriends

At least you know you're guaranteed to have a good time

7. Until You Realize Everyone Is Bringing A Guy Date

What ever happened to be independent?

8. Asking Your Friends If They Know Anyone

They do say it's all about connections and networking.

9. Deciding To Give Up And Go Solo

At least you can wear the highest heels you own.

10. Then Contemplating Not Going At All

What's worse? Truly debatable.

11. Until You Finally Snag A Plus-One Last Minute

Somehow you managed to pull it off yet again.