The Problem With Idolizing Celebrities
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The Problem With Idolizing Celebrities

The Kardashians have become a household name, but no one knows why they are famous.

The Problem With Idolizing Celebrities
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This past week I, along with 20 million of my closest friends, watched the Golden Globe Awards in hopes of getting a few good movie suggestions. Leading up to the show, I waited in anticipation to see what fashion faux pas awaited the red carpet as well as my favorite eye candy (I'm talking about you, Ryan Gosling). As I watched actor after actor and director after director walk across the stage to accept their award, I stopped to think about the importance of their recognition. Celebrities make up a very small percentage of the human population yet we idolize and talk about them more than anyone else. In the entertainment industry, we place celebrities on a high pedestal and tend to overlook what's really important. Why was one of Yahoo! News' headlines about Bella Hadid's feelings towards Selena Gomez and The Weeknd's newfound romance? Why should we care if Kendall Jenner got lip injections?

I would bet that every single one of today's millennials could tell us the names of every Kardashian, as well as who they have dated within the past year. However, I doubt many would know that the number of women CEOs hit a record high in the year 2016. Rather than using the internet to empower young men and women everywhere to achieve bigger and better things, we sit behind a screen and idolize celebrities for simply being famous. Awards are given to actors and actresses for appearing on our televisions, while little recognition is given to those who are changing the world.

Meanwhile, scientists recently had a major breakthrough in the understanding of what causes Multiple Sclerosis, cancer death rates are down 20% and are continuing to fall, global poverty is at its lowest point in history, and efforts to protect the earth are on the rise including clothes and shoes that are being made out of recycled material. People everywhere are making a positive impact on our world and it is our job to encourage them and those around us.

As a young woman attending an all women's college, it is important for me to acknowledge those who are working to make the world a better place. Whether that's a student helping out a fellow student with an assignment, or an organization working to raise awareness and money for a cause they believe in, they all deserve a round of applause. Every so often, we focus on mindless media while overlooking people's dedication and passion for positive change.

Don't get me wrong, I love a little celebrity gossip as much as the next person, and that's OK. The point is that we should strive to be critical viewers of mainstream media and give a little attention to those working to make a difference. To anyone who feels their efforts are underappreciated... this one is for YOU! Keep your head up and stay positive because one day it will all be worth it.

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