Have you ever felt like God just isn't listening to your prayers? I have. And lately, I have felt like this a lot.

I pray every morning before my feet hit the floor, and every night before I go to bed. Many times during the day I will pray when something is heavy on my mind, or when I hear of someone else who needs prayers. I even choose a family that means something to me every month and I pray for them. There are many times in my life when I pray because there is literally nothing else I can do. But sometimes, I feel like God just doesn't want to listen to me.

Last night, I found myself muttering the same prayer that I do most nights. Then I thought, why would God listen to the same exact prayer if I ask for the same things every day?

Life isn't always happiness and joy. Sometimes you have to pray for healing or for change. Prayer can heal people and change lives, but sometimes God doesn't answer our prayers in the way that we want them answered. You may pray for your daughter to survive a terrible car accident- and it may not be God's will for that to happen.

Just because God doesn't answer our prayers exactly the way we want Him to, doesn't mean He isn't answering them.

Prayer is something that we often devalue the importance of. I sometimes find myself thinking that prayer is a great thing- but that is only when its working in my favor. Otherwise, I think I am wasting my time talking to God about things that aren't important enough for him to "fix." As soon as I let myself think those thoughts, I allow the enemy to creep into my thoughts and my life.

Satan hates prayer. He knows that prayer is a direct line to you and God, and He can't defeat anyone who has God on their side. However, he also knows that you're capable of being defeated without actively praying.

God uses prayer to allow us to partner with Him in fulfilling his will. Prayer brings the power of Heaven down to Earth. Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:18, "Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere." This verse literally tells us that prayer is the fuel that drives everything.

I know prayer works. People wouldn't call on prayer warriors in time of need and churches wouldn't have a constant prayer list unless it was working. Nothing in life can get too far gone to where God can't resurrect it, not even your passion to pray.

I guess I am trying to say don't let yourself get discouraged by unanswered prayers. We should expect results, whether God chooses to grant our request, tell us to wait it out for a while longer, or deny our requests. Whatever the answer, God is the source of the power that is in prayer, and He can and will answer us according to his perfect timing and His will.