As a Christian, I always hear, "The power of Christ compels you."


The bible no way says anything about the power of Christ compels you. Anyone who has read the bible can pretty much tell you that is nothing to do with it. The bible and Christianity should be respected just like any other religion. But back to my point, the correct statement is "For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died" ( 2 Corinthians 5:14). I don't know about you but love and power are two very different things.

Yes, the bible has some commandments but they are guidelines to live a righteous and pure life. These guidelines can compel you to live a certain way based off the love Jesus has shown you NOT that compels you. In order to feel like you have a better understanding is to grow deeper and learn about the bible for what it says. Just like learning about a new topic in class is the same as reading the bible, you are learning something new. With all this talk in the world about equality, this statement of power compeling just drives me insane.

Why is it that if a Christian speaks up it is seen as demeaning? For not every Christian is stereotypical "rude, harsh or trying to conform you by belittling you." Rather they are sharing what they believe in just as you share your beliefs on various different topics. I'm sure that if someone who walks around saying Christ's love compels you more people would be confused. So I urge you to watch how you say things because not all Christians are evil. Spread the love not the hurt. I compel you to love one another as I love you. But to love in a way that is true to how others view life not how you love. Take time to read the bible and understand it better before you use statements like "the power of Christ compels you." Not only is that demeaning but it is also disrespectful and ignorant for you do not have proof or understanding of the bible. Don't take this as disrespect but more as a way to learn more about why Jesus is so important to a Christian rather than demeaning or disregarding the belief that they have. A true Christian doesn't demean or disrespect one another. We want to help one another get to heaven for that is what we believe in.

So are you willing to take a leap of faith and learn the bible like a new topic or are you going to disrespect those that believe it and demand respect for what you believe only?

Remember It is LOVE that COMPELS you not the POWER.

Peace and Love always!