After spending a couple weeks away from home during the summertime when I would normally be home, I have been reminded of the power of coming home. In fact, arriving home has been exactly what I have been needing without me even realizing it.

Now, I'll admit - There were times when I was away where I did not really want to come home. In no way did I not want to come home to my family and friends, my bed, or home-cooked meals. However, when I am away I am where my feet are. I rarely get homesick, so when I am enjoying myself, wherever I am is where I want to be. But after returning home after my ~extended vacation~, I now remember why it is so good to come home.

Coming and being home has this feeling to it that cannot be replicated anywhere else. It brings ease, calmness, and a sense of familiarity. It's just so nice to come home and have everybody know who you are without you having to explain yourself. Being known and remembered is what makes coming home so worth it. Also knowing and remembering everything about home is what makes coming home so easy.

The power of coming home really is in the little things, though. Beyond this overwhelming sense of comfort, coming home is much simpler.

It's about driving without thinking about where you are going and still getting there, back roads and all.

It's about seeing your home friends and realizing that these are your roots. No matter the distance and time between you throughout the year.

It's about walking around your house, grabbing whatever you want from the kitchen and waking up in your own bed. And of course, hugging your mom when you wake up.

It's about a long distance relationship being reminded why the miles are so worth it and that they really disappear the second you are back together.

It's about having the freedom to run to the store, see who you want when you want, and make your own schedule (everyday).

These are just a few of the many little things that coming home has provided for me. As the hours pass, I realize more and more things that I forgot are exclusive to being home. And I feel more and more lucky.

So maybe they are right when they say that there is no place like home. Of course you can find some temporary homes on your journey, but there really is no place like your home. So, if you're home, savor the moments. And if you are still counting down the days to get home, it will be so worth it when the time comes.