The One Thing That Will Help You Through FInals


It's dogs.

Because I mean, look at this guy.

And this guy.

Think about how fluffy those little guys are, and how happy they would be to play with you.

Dogs are carefree. They don't calculate the lowest grade they can get on a final without failing the class. They don't stay up all night studying terms they can recite but not understand. Dogs play and sleep whenever they want. They are carefree and happy, and they can pass that along to us.

It's proven that dogs lower stress, reduce anxiety, and help with depression. Dogs make people happy. It's science. People have official anxiety dogs who are trained to make people happy.

And what a good job they do!

Dogs are so pure. They share their happiness with whoever they encounter. They just want to play and have fun, and they want the same for you!

And if dogs aren't really your thing (can't imagine how that'd be true), cats can do the same!

Snuggling with cats is extremely calming and reduces anxiety. They raise levels of dopamine, which make you happier!

Cats are like the mellow version of dogs.


Don't they just make you happier!

So find a break between studying hours and go to a local animal shelter. It's good for the animals too, because they're always happy to get some love and attention! It will make everyone happy!

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