If These 17 Jim Vs. Dwight Pranks Declared Their Own College Majors
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Student Life

If These 17 Jim Vs. Dwight Pranks Declared Their Own College Majors

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If These 17 Jim Vs. Dwight Pranks Declared Their Own College Majors

Some of the greatest moments from "The Office" are the pranks Jim pulls on Dwight. Almost every episode is guaranteed to have an extensive, thought out prank from Jim that Dwight never sees coming.

Even though you might know the ins and outs of every joke, there's one thing you definitely haven't thought of... Which one correlates to your major? Are you the iconic stapler in Jell-O or the time Jim replaced all of Dwight's pens with crayons? It's time to find out.

1. English: When Jim wrote a gardening book to make Dwight follow weird party rules

Only an English major would go through the trouble of writing a book to prank someone.

2. Communication: Learned Morse Code with Pam to trick Dwight into thinking there was a bomb in the office

Some modes of communication never go out of style.

3. Nursing: Made high-pitched noises with Pam so Dwight would schedule a doctor's appointment for Pretendonitis

I feel bad for the nurse who would have to deal with Dwight.

4. Computer Science: Convinced Dwight that the Dunder Mifflin website became alive when he began sending IM's with Pam

Jim made one of Dwight's worst fears come true.

5. Psychology: Using Pavlov's Theory, Jim used Classical Conditioning to make Dwight expect an Altoid every time he heard a ding

What a psychological genius.

6. Accounting: Jim put Dwight's items in the vending machine and gives him a bag of nickels to get his wallet back

Accountants always know how to keep the money safe.

7. Finance: When Jim used a stopwatch to record all the personal time Dwight takes at the office

8. Marketing: Convinced Dwight and Michael that gaydar was a genuine electronic device that can be purchased.

Only a true master of marketing could pull this one off.

9. History: Dwight believed that the imposter Ben Franklin was the real Franklin after Jim told him it was

You'll get them next time, Dwight.

10. Criminology: Tried to convince Dwight that Dwight had smoked marijuana

Don't do drugs, kids.

11. Political Science: Agreed to be in an alliance with Dwight (who ended up hiding in a box and dying his hair blonde) to help him spy on the Stamford branch

Almost as important as some of the greatest political alliances.

12. Fine Arts: Replaced Dwight's pens with crayons

Helping Dwight unleash his artistic side one crayon at a time.

13. Military/ROTC: Built a pencil barrier between his and Dwight's desk

Determining the line between yourself and your enemy is key.

14. Engineering: Encased Dwight's stapler in Jell-O

15. Pre-Med: Suggested he'd poisoned Dwight after Dwight began suffering stomach pains (which later turned out to be appendicitis)

A real pre-med student would definitely know the difference.

16. Philosophy: Jim faxes signed "Future Dwight" after he moved to the Stamford branch from Dwight's own stationery

We could all use a little wise advice from the future.

17. Undecided: Dressed up as Dwight to mock him

Undecided? That's ok! Just try out every other option first!

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