After watching the show "The Office," you might be able to relate to so many of the things they say and do. This show is basically about my whole life in some way.

1. Who doesn't love eating and the beach?

2. When someone never leaves me alone.

3. This is what I think when I am walking through a crowd of people.

4. When my professor tries to explain things to me in class.

5. After I find out I have 5 exams that week.


6. Once Monday rolls around, I need a pick-me-up.

7. Trying to hide from a professor when I didn't show up to class.

8. At the end of the week I need to let all of my frustration out.

9. Finding out our group project is due next class and we haven't started it.

10. Finally leaving class at the end of the week.

11. Hearing people talk about their "problems" when I am having it worse.

12. When the professor curves the exam that I obviously failed.