The New President is inspiring confidence in America's Military
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The New President is inspiring confidence in America's Military

The New President is inspiring  confidence in America's  Military

The war in the Middle East has been raging on for over a decade and there are several areas of the world that are constantly threatening the United States with military action. With the conflict happening a world away if you don’t have a friend or family involved, it is very easy to limit your exposure to a few well-done stories on the internet.

One of the criticisms of our last president was that he was not tough enough with our enemies and tried to make our military less of a world force than it has been in the past. I can understand to a point. So many issues at home to take care of it seems wrong to spend billions on new fighter planes and equipment to support a war that will likely have no quick resolution.

January saw a new inhabitant of the White House with a new administration and a new way of thinking in regards to military and war. In his first month in office, Trump has sent a message to the rest of the world that the US can and will be a force not to be reckoned with in the world again.

This month President Trump dropped a bomb on an ISIS target in Afghanistan. They bombed a series of caves and tunnels that are used to move around freely without being seen by US troops.

This wasn’t just any bomb, it was the largest non-nuclear bomb that the U.S. has in its arsenal. Sending a very loud and very clear message that Trump would do what he had to do to evoke change in the region.

The bomb is officially called the Massive Ordnance Air Blast or “MOAB”. Unofficially it is known as the Mother of All Bombs. It was developed in 2003 when the US invaded Iraq. The bomb is 30 feet long and weighs 11 tons. It is loaded into the back of a cargo plane and pushed out over the intended target. It produces a devastating explosion that sends a mushroom cloud into the air.

It has a parachute and is brought to a target by a GPS system. The bomb actually explodes above ground igniting a flammable fuel that supposedly destroys everything within the 1000-foot radius and sends a lethal shock wave out for a mile and a half.

Even though this monster munition will leave devastating effects in Afghanistan it will not likely make a huge difference in the direction of the nation's long-running war. Trump and his advisors used the “MOAB” to send a statement to the region that there is a new administration and they mean business.

The attacks that have happened over the last eight weeks have done more than sending a message to America’s enemies it has sent a message to America’s military. President Trump has put people in charge of the military and the attacks that he trusts and he has left them to do their job. A feeling of confidence is something that the leader has to create in those they are in charge of. Trump is doing a good job reminding the military that he has confidence in them. Something that the last president wasn’t so great at doing.

There are a ton of things about Trump that I do not like or agree with but there are things that I can respect as well. Allowing the Pentagon to have a clear say in the direction of the military force is something that I totally agree with. It is only smart, if you have no experience in the military and war (which the last few Presidents have not had) then it is prudent to surround yourself with people who do and that is exactly what Trump has done.

The U.S. is quickly finding itself poised to attack more fronts than anyone is comfortable with. Russia, Korea and the Middle East are all areas where tensions are flaring up. I hope and pray that we aren’t going to quickly find ourselves in the middle of another world war. Right or left, no one wants that. America needs a strong confident military but it would be fabulous if they are never needed.

If you disagree with the way Trump is handling things go ahead and protest. It is our right and privilege as an American to protest our leadership. If you don’t like war and you think America should not be anywhere near these conflicts, then write your congressperson and let your voice be heard.

As you protest and argue remember that you are arguing against an administration, not the men and women who volunteer to protect their country so you can continue to have the right to protest and let your voice be heard.

I am thankful that the current leader is working to instill confidence in our military. If anything hopefully the conflicts around the world will unite this country. We are so divided on just about every front but in all honesty, we are fighting for the same thing, to have basic freedoms.

In Chechnya, a 100 gay and bisexual men were rounded up by police and three of them are dead. Religion and race can also find you in a life threatening position.

Now is the time for Americans stop letting our differences separate us and realize that we are all fighting for the same thing, freedom.

Thank you to the men and women who have worn or wear the uniform we appreciate your service.

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