The New Beauty And The Beast Songs That Will Be Stuck In Your Head For Days
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The New Beauty And The Beast Songs That Will Be Stuck In Your Head For Days

The classics plus a few extras

The New Beauty And The Beast Songs That Will Be Stuck In Your Head For Days

The live-action version of the 1991 Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast made it's way to theaters on March 17th. It has gotten a whirlwind of positive reviews and has recently joined the billion dollar club making over 1.5 billion dollars.

The live-action sticks to the storyline of the original movie very well and includes a few extra backstories and songs. After seeing the movie 4 times, I may be a bit obsessed, I slowly but surely began to learn the lyrics to these new songs featured in the film and am quickly noticing that they have become the only songs I sing now-a-days ( maybe it doesn't help that I have them on constant repeat.)

Here are the new songs that you can find in the live-action Beauty and the Beast:

1. Aria

The movie starts off with Madame Garderobe, played by the 5 time Emmy award winner, Audra McDonald, singing this beautiful song as a dance is happening in the ballroom. Audra's vocals are out of this world.

2. How Does A Moment Last Forever (Music Box)

The first version of this song heard in the movie is sang by the one and only, Maurice. Kevin Kline portrayed Maurice amazingly and this song is simply beautiful. Celine Dion sings a version of this song as well.

3. Days In The Sun

An emotional song by young beast, the beloved enchanted objects such as Lumière and Mrs. Potts, and Belle. This song is extremely touching and you can feel the desire of these enchanted objects to have their "days in the sun" as humans again.

4. How Does A Moment Last Forever (Montmartre)

This song is sang as Belle finds out what happened to her mother, a story her father could never bring himself to tell, and as she visits the building where she was born. It is short yet emotional. I heard a few sniffles as Emma sang this ( some of which may have been coming from me.)

5. Evermore

By far my favorite new song of the entire move. This is a song by the Beast, portrayed by Dan Stevens, and it is about the Beast's love for Belle. His love so deep for her that even though he was in danger of remaining a beast forever, he freed her to go and help her father. A selfless act of true love. Wikipedia described the lyrics as "exploring themes such as true love, heartbreak and sacrifice." It is a breathtaking song. There is also a version performed by Josh Groban.

These songs, along with many of the beloved classics from the original, are just a part of what makes the movie so great. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check it out.

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