The Nashville Knack: Plaid Brixx

The Nashville Knack: Plaid Brixx

"What is a Plaid Brixx?"

Plaid Brixx are one of those bands that you think more about the name at first, but you are drawn in to listening to their music out of this curiosity. The after effects of playing a song by Plaid Brixx is pure and joyful, but simply listening to a song by the band does not complete the character of this energetic, fun, and lively trio of talented musicians.

The first member of the band that I met was Chris Duggan (Lead Vocals/ Guitar). Chris certainly stood out with his uplifting charisma and high amounts of energy ready to be used on stage (See picture below for a visual representation). I soon met Mark LeRose (Drums) and Jared Sawaya (Keys).

Mark was the first person that Chris convinced to join his band, after asking him a few times to cover Blink 182 songs in high school. The unique nature of the band makes their music stand out more. An interesting fact about Mark is that he is a substitute teacher, and has been recognized by his former students at shows.

Jared has an interesting back story coming from United Arab Emirates to move in the United States. After coming to the United States, he went to Chris and Mark's show. He was welcomed with open arms after the show. He wanted to play music with Chris and Mark so he started by learning to play keys just to be in the band.

It is one thing for a band to have incredible music, but having personality to back each performance makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Even before I sat down to do the interview, Chris was jumping up and down with excitement ready to play the show (Note this was three hours before their performance).

After their start in 2013, the journey that the band has been on has brought them to many great journeys playing in the smallest venues imaginable, being nominated for an independent music award in 2015, and now on their dream tour with the hit band We The Kings (Listen to "Check Yes Juliet" for a flashback).

Of course this did not come easy, but with songs like "Don't Look Down" they have yielded amazing results racking up over 100,000 views since the start of their tour. The question of what these songs are inspired by are girls and aiming to make people happy with every play. Goal achieved.

Plaid Brixx brings a unique combination of fiery spirit, energy, and character in every song. The band holds a lot potential with the future to come. With the tour with We The Kings, Plaid Brixx will rise to take over the future of the music industry.

Cover Image Credit: Jesse Wilder

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