I have twelve hours and five minutes till I turn 16 and I am having the worst day EVER!!!!!!! My name is Ember Matthews and as of right now my life is a living hell. My friends aren't paying attention to me, they're to busy with their boyfriends/girlfriends and now I'm going to be alone on my birthday. And to top it all off the most popular girl in school, Lindsay Anderson has decided to move the date of her party to the same day as mine just so she can spite me. As if I didn't have everything else to deal with my parents just got a divorce and my big brother Andrew, who was one of my best friends, just went off to college. Well, eleven hours and fifty-eight minutes left, and this is officially going to be the worst birthday in history.

I couldn't wait to get home from school, I just hope mom doesn't bombard me with questions as soon as I get through the door. As long as I can sneak in quietly and go up to my room without running into mom I'll be fine. "Sweetie is that you?" Oh great, she heard me. "Ember, can you come help me please." No. "Coming mom." "How was school sweetie?" "I really don't wanna talk about it. Okay, mom." "What happened, sweetie." "I don't wanna talk about it mom….. Ok fine, stop looking at me like that. I had the worst day, everyone is so involved in their relationships, all my friends are ignoring me and Lindsay Anderson moved her party to the same day as mine."

"Honey it's ok your party will be just as good as hers." "Ugh!!!!! Mom, you just don't get it, EVERYONE will be at that party. I just can't have my party on the same day, everyone will think I copied Lindsay. I don't even want the party anymore." "The party will be fun no matter what." She said, trying her hardest to make me feel better. "Mom no one's gonna be there, Andrew can't come down, dad's on a business trip and I don't even have a boyfriend to share the night with." "Well… I was going to give this to you tomorrow, but I think this will make you feel a little better."

She hands me a small gold box with a red ribbon wrapped around it. "What's this?" "Open it" Inside the small box was a pendant. The pendant was in the shape of a crescent moon and looked as if it fits together with another piece. "Mom this is beautiful. Where did you get it?" "It's been passed down through our family for a very long time." She said, but I could tell that there was something more to the story behind this gift, than it just being a necklace. "Is there another piece to it?"