The Mueller Report has been talked about in the U. S. for about two years now. Because there is always so much press around this subject, it's a very familiar topic but that's all most people know. They know that it's some lawyer that has been looking into the whole Trump vs. Russia thing. That's it.

It's a topic that is discussed so often, yet because there are new findings and articles every day, it is so hard to keep up. Even I was struggling to keep up, and if you know me and you've read a few of my articles, you know that I am someone that is relatively politically informed.

Before I can explain what the Mueller Report concluded, I must explain the whole point of it. This whole investigation began sometime after the 2016 election because it was believed that Russia had messed with the election. Not only was this the focus but there was a possibility that Trump (and his team) and Russia had worked together to rig the election.

Now that I have given you a short summary on what the Mueller Report actually is, I can explain what Robert Mueller concluded in his report and what this means.

The report is over 400 pages long and is split into two sections: the 2016 election, and whether or not Trump has done anything unlawful while being in office. Originally, the later of the two sections was not intended to be something that he was investigating. Everything changed once Trump fired FBI director James Comey. Many compared this action to President Richard Nixon with the Watergate scandal. That's when Mueller decided to look into specific actions the President had done to see if he had done anything that was against the law.

About a month ago, the summary of the Mueller Report came out. In the summary, he concluded that Trump and Russia did not conspire during the 2016 election, and Trump did not do anything that "obstructs justice." Obviously, those who are against Trump were not a fan of this outcome and demanded the full report be released.

After many politicians read the full report, they fully understood why Mueller came to the conclusion that he did. After investigating some of Trump's actions, Mueller cannot say that Trump did anything illegal but he also can't say that he didn't do anything wrong. This is not to say that Russia did not try to lend a hand to Trump's campaign -because they did- but Trump's team did not take it. While listening to the Podcast, The Daily, by the New York Times, they explained that there were times when Trump came close to obstructing justice, but his team prevented him from doing so. Another point they made was that the Trump campaign was careful about where they were stepping. It wasn't like Nixon when there were 18 minutes of tapes that were erased. If there was something more obvious, then Trump would have been caught.

What everyone keeps talking about is that there was no conspiracy but there was collusion. In the report, Mueller defines a conspiracy as an "agreement -- tacit or express -- between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government on election interference." A conspiracy is against the law while collusion is not.

So, where does this leave us?

Well, Democrats are not stopping now. They will continue to read through the fine print and try to investigate more into Trump. They want Mueller to testify. I'm pretty sure they will not stop until Trump is impeached.

On the other hand, Republicans are satisfied with the Mueller Report but they sure aren't satisfied with Democrats. Trump isn't being charged. Case closed. Can the Democrats just calm down, already? Probably not. I do not see that happening in the future.