I lay in my bed,

and all I do is dread.

I know I have to get up,

but I myself know I will erupt.

The darkness has taken me over,

I knew I’d never find a four-leaf clover.

I like to think the four-leaf clover would give me some luck,

but come on we all know my life and I suck.

She is talking to me in my head like always,

is it too much to only want to see some sun rays?

Life is hard everyone will tell you,

but come on this is all I do.

I listen to the monster’s vicious words,

but all that comes out of me is nothing but slurs.

She keeps my legs stiff and same with my arms,

right at this moment, I think, “please can I cause harms?”

She won’t let me go now,

I am her slave and obviously, she wouldn’t allow.

I have the urge to j-j-j-just cry,

but nothing comes out except for a quiet sigh.

The monster keeps repeating to me,

you’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re worthless and that is all you will ever be.

I keep trying, trying, and trying to break free,

but I think I need a little help, please can’t you see?

Never mind I will just say,

in hopes to not get in your way.

I somehow make it out of bed by myself,

but still hear the monster dancing in my head and I yelp.