Poetry On Odyssey: The Gray Area

What are the lines we cross in life?

Are there lines between

wrong and right

selfish and driven

holy and sinner

human and less-than

or is it all a gray area?

or are we all gray areas?

some say

I'm short, smart, passionate, funny, determined, talkative, selfish, strong...

some think of me as nothing at all

but to myself

I am just a broken human being

on a never-ending rollar coaster

just trying my best to get by

and stand tall with dignity

No words can confine my ways

no phrases can define my days.

And maybe that's what we all are.

Yet, we obsess with outlining others

as to say they are this and not that

so we don't have to take the time to uncover

their shining desires and deepest struggles.

It's a lot easier to swaddle someone with a few words

than to listen to their story of adjectives and verbs

and realize our fibers are the same

everything else is an ocean of gray.

We are never this nor that

we just are

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