This is it. Your last month of high school ever. Though it may be right around the corner, don't focus all your energy into getting ready for college. You will have all summer to prepare for the wonders that one discovers in college. Savor these last moments because you will never experience life like this again. Look back at the things you've accomplished in the last few years. These things took time, commitment, and drive. You deserve to revel in all the amazing things you have done in the past few years.

It's so crazy how fast high school has gone by, and after you graduate it's only going to go faster. Make these last moments last by living completely focused on the present. Go make memories, go live, go laugh, so long as you still have the time to live life as a high school student. You will never be this young again, so make the most of this time you have to make mistakes and be silly.

So many seniors wish this part of their lives away because they don't understand what this last month means. These last twenty days are a chance for you to surround yourself in the best parts of your high school experience, to make lasting memories with your high school friends one last time, and not cower in the harsh realities of adulthood. Every day is an opportunity to experience new things. Completely invest yourself in the now.

You walk across the stage in a few short weeks, so don't race towards it. Walk through the garden of new experiences rather than running to an inevitable end. Let your secondary education finish shaping you into the best version of yourself for college. High school will end whether you like it or not, but it's your choice how you remember it.