For those of you who don't know what the movie "The Kissing Booth" is about, here's a brief rundown. Elle Evans is best friends with Lee Flynn, who lives next door. They have a list of rules that they follow to maintain their strong friendship. However, Elle has a massive crush on Lee's older brother, Noah, but won't admit it. Which is a big rule, no dating the other person's family members? Elle and Lee need to come up with an idea for the school's annual fundraiser, and their idea is a kissing booth. Well, Noah and Elle end up kissing at the booth, and everything goes downhill from there. They begin dating in secret and the rest is history. There are ups and downs, but it all works out in the end.

First off, I love this movie with my whole heart, I have watched it at least five times and I am reading the book in my free time currently. But as I watch it over and over again, I have noticed a bunch of red flags throughout the film. Red flags that make the movie hard to watch at times because it makes me look bad because I love this movie so much. For example, Noah Flynn, the main character Elle Evans' crush, is a very aggressive character. He is continuously getting into fights and hurting people. He even slammed his hand against the hood of his truck to get Elle to get in the car. He's also an uber player. He is seen talking with countless girls and making out with a handful more.

Throughout the movie, the viewers are conditioned to want Elle and Noah to end up together. I fell victim to this feeling, too. But if we're thinking logically, Elle should not be pining over a guy that has playboy and aggressive tendencies. That's a recipe for disaster. I know it's a piece of fiction, but that doesn't justify Noah's actions. If he continues to lash out and fool around with other girls, that could lead to abuse and cheating in his future. Which is something no one deserves to go through?

Another example is Elle's best friend, Lee Flynn, Noah's younger brother, not thinking twice about breaking up with his girlfriend because Elle didn't like her. Now, they didn't actually break up and Elle actually likes Rachel. But near the end of the movie, Elle makes a dramatic point that their friendship rules were based on their feelings from when they were six. Elle called him out on it, and he honestly didn't see anything wrong with dumping someone because their best friend didn't like that person. Lee was so ready to break up with Rachel, that he didn't understand what Elle was really saying. She was trying to get Lee to understand that the rules they made up were outdated and needed to be removed. This one isn't as bad as Noah's, but a true friend wouldn't want you to give up something that makes you happy. A true friend is happy for any and all accomplishments their friends make.

Finally, the way the girls are treated at this high school doesn't seem realistic. Sure, there's always the popular crowd, but if there's a dress code, everyone follows the dress code. Including the popular posse. Girls getting their asses slapped In between classes would result in the girl punching or hitting or yelling at the guy. The girl wouldn't clamp up and freeze, maybe for a second, but after she got her bearings, she would rip that guy a new one. She wouldn't need a man to come in and save her. She could do that herself. Making the popular girls shallow and cold-hearted is such a cliché. It's old and stale. Writers need to give every character some kind of development. Even if it's minor, it will have a major effect on the success of the book. Girls are some of the most supportive people out there, even in high school, so I find that the way they are portrayed in this movie, is reaching a bit. I could be wrong, but from my high school experience, it was not close to the way these girls were treated.

So, while I really do love and enjoy this movie, there are many things wrong with it. If we keep romanticizing hot, aggressive men, it's not going to be good in the future. If we can't see the error of our ways by hurting the ones we care most about, we're going to be left with no one. And if we treat fellow human beings with such disgrace, the world is not going to be a happy place. While I recommend watching this film, watch it with a grain of salt. Just because the production crew made everything look amazing and fun, doesn't mean that this couldn't happen in real life.