The Joys Of Writing Fiction
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The Joys Of Writing Fiction

Expressing all the passion that you may have.

The Joys Of Writing Fiction
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Have you ever been that person who has such a strong passion that you spew a fiery rant on some social media site and stir up a bitter conflict of some kind as a result? I know that there have been times where I wished I could let my anger boil up and cuss out every ignorant troll that makes my rage sprout like water from a geyser. However, it is in these moments of explosive anger that I realize that losing my cool while surfing social media will only provide the troll with what he or she wants: attention and a negative reaction. Therefore, while I was away at college I found that writing allowed me to display my anger in an environment that was safe from the prying eyes of trolls. For with writing, you can utilize your skills to bring awareness to the issues that circulate within America and the world, and either propose a solution to fix this problem or paint a reality where this problem is overcome or is non-existent. Writing can also allow you to articulate your honest opinions on certain subjects that matter to you, and if you want to earn even more respect, supply examples that boost credibility so that people do not assume that you are just blabbering about something without properly educating yourself on the subject first. Finally, writing can be used to motivate people and call them to action by striking a nerve with the audience with words or imagery to convey a powerful message. But writing does not just apply to activism. For fiction allows authors to explore abstract ideas and concepts through the exploration of their imagination. And if there’s one thing about imagination, it's impact is incredible, if crafted in the right way.

One of the appeals of fiction that compels people to write within this massive genre is the creation of unknown worlds or realms. For those of you who wonder what lies beyond the known universe and have a vivid imagination, forming worlds with vast landscapes that are infested with odd-looking creatures can help you propose some possibilities of what is out there. And I can tell you from experience that it is so much fun to let your creative juices flow and conjure up a far-fetched place that’s mythical and exotic. Plus you could also use this to your advantage to provide commentary on how humans could redeem themselves of the horrors that they have committed by comparing them to a particular species from this realm of yours. Besides the production of magical far off lands, writing can allow you to formulate a person that you can aspire to be and admire, by creating your own heroic figure.

A hero who evokes inspiration and admiration is one thing that people of all walks of life are searching for. Often, writers both professional and amateur who are disgusted by the injustices that have wreaked havoc upon this planet seek an outlet of composition that teaches lessons or spreads awareness of a particular issue by creating a powerful and dynamic individual who must combat such hardships and grows as a result of his or her grit and determination. Another reason why so many authors choose to compose hero stories is so that the audience can feel empowered and push themselves to become the best person that they are capable of being through watching the protagonist endure both struggle and victory, constantly evolving, learning, and changing, until he or she ultimately attains the goal that he or she had established at the start. These same heroes serve as reminders that while evil may lurk in the shadows and threaten innocent lives, there will always be people who counter them and remain on the righteous path. And as many of these tales point out, when pure hearted people stand together and fight off a wicked force or unite to correct a serious problem, sweeping and revolutionary change arrives, thus proving that healing the world through noble deeds is possible. Whatever the reason may be for writing, whether it is to educate, inspire and motivate, or to take audiences to places filled with exquisite inhabitants and landscapes, or simply to entertain the audience and pull them out of reality for a little while, if you are a person who is passionate and has a lot of ideas and solutions, then perhaps writing fictional stories may help open many doors of opportunities including adding some joy and comfort to your life, helping expand your imagination, and allowing a place of free expression.

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