Five Phrases That All Italians Grow Up Hearing
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Five Phrases That All Italians Grow Up Hearing

"The more the merrier."

Five Phrases That All Italians Grow Up Hearing

Growing up in an Italian family is a blessing of its own. With the constant support system, amazing Italian food, and tight-knit family, being grown up in an Italian family is something I highly cherish. Family always comes first, and the Italians represent this concept the best. In my twenty years, I have become familiar with a handful of sayings. If you’re Italian, I am sure you can relate.

1. “You’re gonna throw that half tiny piece of meat away? We don’t waste!”

If you’re Italian yourself or know of someone who is, you are aware of the fact that “wasting” food is basically considered a crime. You must sit for a meal at the dinner table with an empty stomach ever time.

2. “You haven’t eaten enough, are you sure you don't want some more? Here have some!”

Even when you have eaten to the point where your pants have come undone, your stomach is reaching the edge of the table, and you look like you're going to pass out from obesity, when it come to food, Italians will never take no for an answer. You can pull any card you want to try and get out of inhaling another plate full of food after your third serving, but sorry, you’re just not getting away with it. Italians are like the earth and the sun is the food, we revolve around it.

3. “The more, the merrier!”

Whether it’s going way on a beach trip, having a get together at your house, or celebrating a holiday, Italians love to go all out. The more company these have, the better.

4. *Every Other Day* “So, do you have a boyfriend?”

NO, for the 167th time, NO. For whatever reason, this is always a must ask question. Even after you’ve made it clear that you DO NOT have a boyfriend, your Italian grandma still persists on asking every other day. But, if you do have a boyfriend that has yet to meet your big Italian family, tell him upfront that he is most definitely going to be endlessly interrogated.

5. “Have these leftovers from a week and a half ago”

Relating back to the fact that Italians NEVER, EVER waste, you have leftovers for a whole month’s worth. When Italians cook meals, they intentionally cook plenty more than they need to.

Although some of these traditional lines may seem annoying, I wouldn’t trade my Italian family for the world. To say that being Italian is a gift is most definitely an understatement.

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