The Importance Of Having Funny Friends

The Importance Of Having Funny Friends

Love the people who make you laugh out loud.

Did you laugh today?

I sincerely hope the answer is yes. Laughing is like breathing; if you're not doing it, there's a strong chance you might suffocate. But, the thing about laughing is, it's quite difficult to do on your own. We have lungs so we can breath and friends so we can laugh. That is not all there is to know about the world, but it's a pretty substantial foundation. Funny friends make laughing easy—they're like the oxygen masks you must have to survive the altitude of life's most difficult days. They're the breaths that come to be so essential yet unconscious in our everyday lives. It is important we stop and notice them.

Recognizing the people who cause your laughter is just like pausing for a moment to consider your breath, noticing as it comes in and out of you. This is how people meditate. It's calming to know that you can always breath; it's equally calming to know that in the chaos of life, you can always laugh. Find these people and hold on to them. Let them continue to remind you that life is perpetually funny, so long as we can still laugh and breathe.

Having funny friends not only calms you, but it also makes you smarter and more humble. If you have funny friends, they will constantly remind you that you are not that big of a deal. They'll laugh at you when you trip down the stairs so that'll you know: yes, everyone saw. No, it doesn't actually matter. They will help you appreciate and not hate the things about you that are not perfect and the mistakes you wish you hadn't made. In this way, you become smarter. You become endowed with an increased capacity to rebound and focus on solving problems, rather than dwelling on their significance. Indeed, the mistakes and misfortunes in your life may be significant, but if you have funny friends, they will help you see that other parts of life are still silly.

Funny friends help you believe in the future. When you're devastated with yourself at 3 a.m. for eating a tub of Ben & Jerry's all by yourself, they remind you that: yes, you'll probably feel very sick tomorrow, but in three days it'll be pretty hilarious to future you.

Keep your funny friends and always seek out new ones. They are the air and the lungs that fuel your happiness.

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7 Things You Dread Hearing Your Rowing Coach Say

Coaches are the best and the worst at the same time

You may love your coach. You may absolutely hate your coach. But either way, there are definitely at least a few things that you hate hearing them say to you. They could be the type of thing that's more of an annoying inconvenience than anything else. Or they could make your heart start beating faster out of anxiety. Or they could ruin your entire week because you can't stop thinking about them. I happen to love my coaches, but there are most definitely some things that I would rather not hear them say. Here are a few examples I have heard:

1. "Surprise 2k/5k today"

As someone who definitely needs to mentally prepare for these at least the day before, a surprise 2k/5k is not appreciated. I also need to make sure that I'm actually staying hydrated so I don't pass out afterward.

2. "We are rowing on the square"

Halfway through your first novice season, you think that you're done with rowing on the square. No longer will you struggle to get your blade out of the water. Jokes on you because two years into your rowing career your coach decides to put your boat back on the square in an attempt to help the set.

3. "It's too windy to go out today"

This always means one of two things. One, you're going on the longest run ever because you need to fill the time. Two, you will be doing some sort of circuit for the duration of practice. I have had both happen before. As much as I hate running, doing circuits for nearly two hours is far worse.

4. "When can you come talk to me?"

If you are expecting this text then it's not that bad. If you get it randomly in the middle of class that's another story. This is especially nervewracking when they don't give you any clue as to why they need you to come in.

5. "I'll tell you the workout after the warmup"

If your coach won't tell you the workout beforehand it's usually because it's not going to be fun. In my personal experience with this statement, the workout was always a surprise 5k.

6. "We're out of snacks"

I know this sounds really petty. This is also a student-athlete problem too. We always keep a cooler of fruit and various kinds of bars and fruit snacks to have after practice in our erg room. Last semester I went straight to class from practice and didn't have a break to eat until noon. I, along with at least a few other people, almost depended on those snacks to hold me over until then. So it was very unfortunate when we were all out.

7. "Today's workout is H.O.P."

If you do not know, H.O.P. stands for Hour of Power. This workout is a strong rival with the 5k as far as difficult workouts go. It's a partner workout. One partner runs a certain distance while the second partner ergs. Once the runner gets back they switch. This goes back and forth until the hour is up. You're constantly moving and constantly out of breath.

Cover Image Credit: Mine

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To Every Teammate I've Ever Had, Thank You For Becoming My Family

Once we stepped on that field we were all there for each other.

Teamwork is something we all have to experience at some point in our lives. You experience it at school, work, and in sports. There is always going to be people who say they work better alone and hate having to rely on others. And I get it... I really do. However, I am beyond grateful for the teammates I have played next to.

I started playing softball around the age of five and kept it going up until I left for college. I later on picked up lacrosse for about three years and loved it. Along the way, I met some lifelong best friends that I would never trade for the world. Being on a team and seeing the same people every weekend for tournaments and weekdays for practices really brings you closer to all of them. No matter the different places we all came from, as soon as we got on that field we became one. We became a team and I want to thank all of you for that.

I truly learned what a "team" was. We relied on each other. We picked each other up when we took a huge loss and cheered each other on when we had an awesome win. There were laughs and tears but we shared them together. The memories we made will be ones that stay with me forever.

Playing alongside each of you was an honor.

Now it was not always easy. There were some of you who definitely challenged me to learn how to work together as teammates despite the differences we had off the field. I appreciate this more than you know. It taught me to have my teammates backs even if we did not always get along or see eye to eye.

Once we stepped on that field we were all there for each other.

Of course, there were teammates who I got the privilege to play with my entire sports career, and there were also others who came and went. No matter how long we played together this letter is to thank you. Every one of you.

You impacted me as a person just by playing alongside me.

We all learned how each other worked on the field and used it to our advantage as a team. We built a trust and bond that made me confident going out on the field. There is no better feeling than knowing you have an entire team supporting you.

I cannot describe how great my entire sports career was, all thanks to my teammates. The day I finally hung up my cleats I knew that sports had shaped me into the person I am today. The people I met, the places I traveled to, the support I got from my family, friends, and coaches, and the relationships I built are the things I'll remember about the game.

The game I fell in love with and the teammates who made me love it that much more is something I'll always be grateful for.

We were not just a team we were a family.

So if you were ever a teammate of mine, for however long... Thank you. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Cover Image Credit: Caroline Cook

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