As an involved college student, my life is constantly on the go. From my internship, classes, being a dance team captain, a resident assistant and being involved in campus ministry, it is hard for me to pencil in time to do things. Often times I'll miss being able to hangout with my friends because I'm on duty or I have some event that I am working zg. In addition to being invested in my activities, I'm also 100% invested in my friends. While I do enjoy quiet nights alone, I love going out bowling, dancing or just staying in and watching movies with my friends. My time is something very valuable to me but often I don't get to control it. I frequently forget to make time for someone really important.


As an only child, I have grown to cherish my alone time. However, with things constantly going on I often forget that I have to take time off for myself.

It is so important just to step back and take some time for yourself. Eventually you are going to burn out if you do not. No matter how hard you want to please your friends or your peers in different clubs and activities you are in, you cannot do that if you are stressed and overtired.

Despite what previous generations may say, I believe millennials are truly generous and giving. We have a tendency of giving our all so we often forget about ourselves and what we need to do to make sure we maintain a healthy balance in our lives.

Do not get me wrong, being involved in school has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. Through all of my different clubs and positions I have met a countless amount of friends I know I will have for a lifetime. However, if I do not take at least an hour or two for myself during a week my friends can tell the difference. I become a lot more cranky and end up not giving my all to the commitments I have.

So have that slice of cheesecake while you wear your feety pajamas and watch another episode of Grey's Anatomy. Its okay to say no to people and things sometimes. Your friends, family, coworkers and peers will understand.

Take a second for yourself, take a deep breath and relax. Remember YOU are important.