The Homestretch of May

If you are reading this, congrats! At the time of reading this, you've almost completed another tedious year of college, filled with fits of moody blues, sunny days, and mornings where you regretted waking up for that 9:00 AM class you were forced to sign up for due to time restraints and/or desperation. Well, those days of insomnia, regret, and utter bitterness will soon cease to be--for now.

Why? Cause its Mayday! Welcome to the Thunderdome, people!

We're at the final stretch of the semester, the closing act for a school year filled with hard work and determination. I'm sure that all of us have dealt with the ordeals of responsibility. If you said that you hadn't a clue of what I'm talking about, you need some coffee to wake up. Through perseverance and extra shots of espressos, we can get through this ordeal of papers, tests, assignments, and group presentations.

I know it's a lot that's been crammed within 1-2 weeks, but you got this! All you need is the proper motivation to kick the shit out of the things that stand between you and a nice 12-hour nap.

Count your days and your blessings, because the days are numbered and the deadlines approach. The bacon is sizzling, the coffee is brewing, the butter melts, the toast is toasting, the oranges are juicing, the cereal is getting soggy, and the eggs are in the refrigerator. In other words: eat breakfast--or at least, try to. You need that energy to get through the ordeal that is a day filled with studying for finals or other fancy-ass shit that stands in your way--which you are 101% capable of trampling over!

Good luck, and realize this: Another day down is another day towards that summer vacation.

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